Ty-Bihan by Gaël Horsfall

Ty-Bihan by Gaël Horsfall

New Designers 07: Ty-bihan is a combined dining table and storage system designed by Gaël Horsfall, a graduate from the contemporary design course at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College in England.


The design, which comes with a built-in light and benches, is inspired by Breton kitchens and was on show at the New Designers exhibition which ended in London yesterday.


Here is a statement from Horsfall:


Inspired by my Breton background, this piece of furniture has developed from taking a cross-section of an old Breton kitchen. As often the only room in an old Breton home, furniture within this space had to function together.


Ty-bihan developed from re-interpreting this environment into a contemporary dining space where table, shelving, seating & lighting combine to create one furniture form.


Update: Ty-Bihan is Breton for "little house".