Ty-Bihan by Gaël Horsfall


Ty-Bihan by Gaël Horsfall

New Designers 07: Ty-bihan is a combined dining table and storage system designed by Gaël Horsfall, a graduate from the contemporary design course at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College in England.


The design, which comes with a built-in light and benches, is inspired by Breton kitchens and was on show at the New Designers exhibition which ended in London yesterday.


Here is a statement from Horsfall:


Inspired by my Breton background, this piece of furniture has developed from taking a cross-section of an old Breton kitchen. As often the only room in an old Breton home, furniture within this space had to function together.


Ty-bihan developed from re-interpreting this environment into a contemporary dining space where table, shelving, seating & lighting combine to create one furniture form.




Update: Ty-Bihan is Breton for "little house".

Posted on Monday July 16th 2007 at 7:15 pm by Chantelle Lue. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • Zender


  • Robin

    I like it.

  • that’s a “gwall vat breizh design”

    great for using britain’s inspiration

    I like it

  • tiffany

    This is an almost exact copy of wat students from ECAL Lausanne did some years ago! Shame on you!

  • Sadaf

    Why would she waste her time doing a copy? if there is something similar out there, did it occur to you that she might not be aware of it?

    i think that its a great design thats fully resolved. It cleverly combines many different functions into one well executed piece of furniture.

  • Quality work gael!

    As for tiffany, its nothing like the work of ecal students, yes its got a few similarities (like a table top and storage on different levels) materials + construction completely different, get your facts right first before accusing, its no way copied!!

  • caroline jennings

    I think it’s a fantastic piece of furniture and a work of art. Well done Gael, we know how hard you have had to work to get the result and you truly deserve every success in the future. As for Tiffany I think they call it ‘green eye’. Keep up the fantastic work Gael. Caroline & Family

  • Maryvonne

    Clever design for a small space.
    But, why not use dark oak wood and carve it with traditional Breton motif to make the design more authentic and worthy of its name “Ty bihan”? Decorate and use pottery, wooden bowls, spoons etc.
    An original from Brittany (not Britain).

  • pirik

    Nice design Gael !

    For tiffany : I also design the same kind of table…few years ago. And what ?!