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Gitta Gschwendtner at Wellcome Collection 2

Gitta Gschwendtner at Wellcome Collection 2

Here is Gitta Gschwendtner's second exhibition space at the Wellcome Collection in London (see previous post).


The Medicine Man exhibition shows hundreds of objects collected by Wellcome Trust founder Henry Wellcome, including sex aids, body parts and amputation saws (top image).


Here is some info on the exhibition from the Wellcome Collection:


Henry Wellcome was a man of many parts: entrepreneur, philanthropist, patron of science and pioneer of aerial photography. He also created one of the world's great museums: a vast stockpile of evidence about our universal interest in health and the body.


More than 150 years after his birth in 1853, this exhibition reunites a cross-section of extraordinary objects from his collection, ranging from diagnostic dolls to Japanese sex aids, and from Napoleon's toothbrush to George III's hair. It also provides a very different perspective on some of our own obsessions with medicine and health.


In 'Medicine Man' some objects are gathered by type and others by broad cross-cultural themes. Seven other objects are presented individually and are examined by a variety of commentators from different backgrounds, to show that one object can mean many different things and tell many different stories.