4D Glass by Jonathan Krawczuk


4D Glass by Jonathan Krawczuk

4D Glass is a project that uses a computer-generated wireframe model as decoration on a physical object.


Designer Jonathan Krawczuk has taken a wine glass and engraved its surface with a 3D representation of the same glass modelled on a computer.


Here is a short explanation from Krawczuk:


‘4D Glass’ forges a relationship between an on screen, computer generated model and the actual physical object.

When creating a 3 dimensional representation on a computer programme a ‘skeleton’ of the object is formed, known as the wireframe.

In an attempt to fuse the virtual and the physical world, this wireframe has been engraved onto the surface of the glass. This concept sees the computer being used to automate a linear pattern, specific to the object itself.

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  • suparna

    this is really awesome!
    very interesting work.

  • Amit Sisack

    fantastic tecnology, but its kinda crazy to think that its not enough to see and touch an object, we also need to put it into lines and dots in space… Arup might digg the urge for structure… i just dont.