100 11th Avenue by Jean Nouvel 2



Here are new images of 100 11th Avenue, a residential tower in Chelsea, New York, designed by French architect Jean Nouvel and which recently broke ground.


Above: studies of sunlight on curtain walling at different times of day. Below: with 1,650 panes of glass, the curtain walling is described as "the most highly engineered and complex" ever built in New York City.



Above and below: visualisations of how apartment interiors might look


More images and info in our earlier story.


There is further info on the building and the apartments on the project's website, which has just been relaunched.



Below: ground floor restaurant


Below: ground floor restaurant


Below: ground floor restaurant as seen from street


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  • Thanks so much for posting this; I haven’t seen this yet. I think I like it. I’m not the hugest all over glass building fan, but the interior specs are beautiful. Great post.

  • I do feel it like as a hotel instead of a home space.

    Is it a hotel?

  • cla

    this looks really nice…would love to live there !

  • David Lee

    Hopefully the terrace/hanging gardens will work properly in this building. Don’t wanna see untended gardens dying etc. The lights from the first photo reminds me of Las Vegas tho…don’t know it thats a good thing.

  • the facade is quite interesting

  • pla

    The building looks messy.
    Interior space looks messy.
    The shifting squares looks out of date design-wise. Feels like the 90s. Too much time invested in making something complex with little aesthetic (or otherwise) gain.

  • thong

    i’m a fan of Jean Nouvel.According to me he is one of the most famous architects around the world.This work is great because of its exterior is enclosed by the glass door-frames which are arranged by harmony and impression that in accordance with the surrounding urban environment.I really admire Jean Nouvel and his works

  • He live up to my expectation absolutly ! :) so cool