MyMinigolf, the "play anywhere" crazy golf game that was premiered at Salone Satellite in Milan in April, goes on sale this month.


The nine-hole game, designed by Georg Pal and Hannes Weber, comes in a holdall and features 13 moulded plastic hazards and ramps.


There will be a street minigolf championship in Munich on 18 August.


Here is some info from the designers:




Minigolf is coming home


Myminigolf ist the first “play anywhere" golf game.


The 9 hole miniature golf set includes 13 injection-moulded handicaps, a steel minigolf-club, 2 balls and a scoring pad. The set is packed in a solid cardboard box with a comfortable carrying handle.


The obstacles are injection-moulded ABS plastic, robust and unaffected by U.V. One places the obstacles randomely on the ground and the game is ready to play.


As a crossover between Golf and Minigolf it can be played on a variety of surfaces and without retaining surround fences. The challenge varies with the playing surface and scoring is just like any other Minigolf.


Myminigolf can be played on almost any level surface, indoor and outdoor. Such as the lawn in your garden, out in the street, on the carpet or woodfloor in your home or in the office. You could even place the obstacles in different rooms.


If you run-out of space, then set-up obstacles one-after-the-other. Play it anytime and wherever you like. myminigolf is independent from weather, daytime or season.


presentation: SaloneSatellite, milan, Italy
start of sales: 18th of April 2007
sales price: € 149,-
manufacturer: defacto gmbh, Germany

development and design: Georg Pal and Hannes Weber, Munich, Germany

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  • Golfer

    Looks great for indoors, however I doubt most lawns would work well for simply being too irregular

  • want to play in my house

  • David

    Very cool project, nicely designed with a fresh and original concept.

  • David

    It also reminds me of the “Pinball number count” in Sesame street.

  • could you please tell me how much your obsticles are in english pounds for crazy golf and would you send it to uk do you have other obsticles many

  • could you tell me how much this golf is in english pound and would you post to england at what cost many thanks vicky

  • Laura Hudspeth

    I’m currently studding design at Leeds metropolitan uni and im looking into design a minni crazy golf set up similar to what you have already produced, I was just wondering if you had any useful information which may help me with my research. Im focusing towards the children’s market between the ages of 5&8
    Thank you for you time

  • hola estoy interesado en comprar estos odtaculos pero vivo en canarias, españa, como puedo importarlos a canarias

  • Hello, I am very interested in showcasing your product at our fundraising event in Santa Monica, California on January 10, 2009. I would like to correspond with you. Please reply to my email request at

    I think your product is great!


    Bob Dixon
    Director of Community Relations
    New Roads School