Urban Nebula by Zaha Hadid 2



Here are photos of Urban Nebula, a sculptural installation by Zaha Hadid on the South Bank in London, created as part of the London Design Festival.


The piece was completed today.


More about this project in our earlier story.


Photos are by Luke Hayes.


Dezeen editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs is making a series of daily online films about the London Design Festival for Swarovski Crystal Palace and Urban Nebula will feature later this week.




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  • fdavid

    This is fantastic. Any more pics of the fabrication process>?

  • Nuno

    Not a Zaha comment… but, I dig the new Dezeen look!

    You kept it simple! Ride on ;)

  • double

    it looks something different from the pictures that had made by computer

  • Me


    I’m not the biggest Zaha fan, but this is great. Dynamic and intricate

  • Great ! just Great !

  • Hermes

    Mrs. Zaha,

    Stick to creating sculptures, not buildings.

  • Alexandre

    Sorry to be the spoiler, but didn´t like it at all. The material is heavy, the pieces are heavy themselves… it lacks the usual Zaha elegance, its something I´d expect from a more mass-oriented designer, not a movement oriented one as Zaha.
    Well, she´s been changing a lot in these recent years, but even then, heavy on heavy turned out to be… heavy.
    The one thing I like is its shine. The polished surface looks good on a black blackish stone-like material, but other than that, I´d be critic even about the hexagon-shaped structural module repeating and repeating…
    Her recent stuff was definetly more refined and better designed – in the formal sense – than this one.
    Anyways, just tu put some dark side into this “greaaaaaaaaat” comments hehehehhe

  • fdavid

    I would love to see construction / manufacturing pictures for this piece. I know dezeen loaded a couple a while back but this is a case of more would be nice.
    PS: The photography is too dark.

  • Dr Goat Foot

    I helped build it, i think it looks pretty

  • blipoids

    @ DrGoat: … ‘ofcourse’ you do! …

  • say

    i found this sculpture project having much more architectural quality then most of zaha’s building project. Her architecture are usually too formally dominating and sculpture liked, whereas in this sculpture, i can see how each of those block being clusters units that form an urban scale project.