12 Blocks project by Loom Studio



Loom Studio have sent us details of 12 Blocks, a project to develop new forms for the standard concrete block. Update: this project is included in Dezeen Book of Ideas, which is on sale now for £12.


Don Vu of Loom Studio explains the project:


The 12 blocks project is a research project that was funded by the Minnesota Masonry Institute to investigate the potential and possibilities of regular CMU or concrete masonry units. By using the manufacturing process and wear parts within the process, we were able to find ways to change the face of CMU blocks to create more dynamic wall surfaces that interact with the environment around it.


We've recently won an R+D award from Architect magazine and now we've just launched a mini-site devoted to our 12 Blocks project, which exposes more the process and strategies that we have addressed within this project that goes further than what was published in Architect magazine.


We are currently trying to gain more press on the 12 blocks project to further its development and get manufacturers involved to start prototyping and producing the blocks to hopefully get it on the market.


We're proud of this project and see its potential in the building market. We're hoping that you also see the potential with this project and are willing to help disseminate the project to the public.








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  • ben

    these are sweet!!!!

  • abdulqadirabas

    cool!,i’ll definitely use this blocks for my next building!

  • LAJen

    These are so great. They remind me of a modern version of the blocks Wright designed like in La Miniatura.

  • roadkill

    a simple idea [although not original] still remains the best….

  • GL

    Great product with big potential. I will spread the news.

  • Derrick

    As a designer who ventured off course for a short time to try stone masonry, I’ve laid my share of block. However, this would not be easy to work. Just think about the mason that will need to strike the joints, the way the face ungulates makes it rather difficult to properly finish. I learned a great deal when I assumed the role of those building whatever designers think will stick next.

    This could be a very interesting facade. But I wouldn’t have bid the job.

  • ali

    What is the size of blocks