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Particle shelving by Dominic McCausland

Particle is a modular shelving system by Dominic McCausland of Wilder Creative.


Made up of interlocking plywood modules, it can grow across a wall as more units are added.


Particle was shown at 100% Design in London last month under the Point 3 collective brand. McCausland and his design feature in one of our short movies about the London Design Festival, created for Swarovski Crystal Palace.

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Here's some info about Particle from 100% Design:


Name: Particle

Description: The inspiration for this project came from chemical cell structure models, and how the molecular structure can continually grow to form great cascading architectural objects yet at the same time just a few units can have an interesting effect. This product can be constructed into an infinite arrangement to create a unique system for storage and display.

Material: 12mm white melamine ply

Design: Dominic McCausland