Atomikarchitecture wins 21st Century Pier competition



Atomikarchitecture have won a competition to design a new type of seaside pier for British resorts.

The winning design features a pier ending in an oval structure containing a marina and surrounded by stepped terraces.


See Atomikarchitecture's full proposal here.


The competition was organised by the British Urban Regeneration Association (BURA).


Here's some info from the architects:


Atomikarchitecture win “professional” category of Pier competition

The Atomik Pier has been judged the most realistic, sustainable and potentially successful design for a modern pier as part of BURA’s 21st Century Pier competition. The design incorporates a strong visual identity whilst offering flexible use of space and sympathetic connections within its environment.


Designed to be a focal point of coastal regeneration initiatives, the people’s palace offers a visitor destination point in addition to providing a
centre for economic activities to enhance the local town and the community it is linked with.

The People’s Palace/The Atomik Pier results from a collaboration between Atomikarchitecture’s Mike Oades, together with the architect Christine Heil and environmental consultants XCO2.

The entry proposes a generic pier which can be adapted to suit any seaside town location, orientation and local needs. It makes full use of its environment, by the way it orients itself for the comfort of the visitor whilst maximising its own sustainability through the generation of heat; power: and passive heating and cooling.

This competition has generated ideas on how to make piers sustainable both environmentally and economically and how they could successfully contribute to the renewal and regeneration of Britain’s coastal towns during the 21st century.’

The 21st Century Piers Competition organised by the British Urban Regeneration Association was intended to generate ideas on how to make piers sustainable, environmentally, functionally and economically, so that they could successfully contribute to the renewal and regeneration of Britain’s coastal towns during the 21st century. As winners of the Professional category, atomikarchitecture are proud to have contributed to such a significant and unusual debate.

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  • Shame they can’t redesign the chavs that’ll loiter around it ;-)

  • Ryan

    I agree with Daniel. It is however a stunning design.

  • roadkill

    maybe they could have a version where they could stuff all the chavs in it and push it to the high sea….

  • Richard

    Shouldn’t seaside buildings be about fun? I don’t know if its just the visuals that don’t tell the story, but where are the ideas about how it might be used?

    They seem to be hiding behind sustainable credentials to avoid commitment to how it might be used. The eco-friendliness is commendable but anyone can reel off these buzz words, what can a seaside visitor do once they get there????????

  • Duncan Bainbridge

    Well done to the architects for addressing the issues of maintaining and sustaining the historic issue of the great British Pier.

    A superb piece of informed design, I hope that there is a well informed developer who will get it built.

    But where is Generic on Sea, cant find it on any maps!

  • I was wondering when somebody else would think about building piers again. I live near Morecambe which lost both its piers due to a combination of fire & storm and have always argued they should be rebuilt, especially with current advancements in engineering. There’s many a new, gorgeous bridge cropping up here and there, why not a pier?

    I vote Morecambe flagship this design. I love to see one built, and I’d love to see the many empty guest houses, hotels and other holiday accommodations full of visiters wanting to marvel at this new, fresh approach to traditional seaside architecture.

    Dave :)

  • Diesel Balaam

    I agree with Dave – build it in Morecambe which has already turned a corner with the Urban Splash rescue and refurb of the wonderful art deco Midland Hotel (which I stayed in last weekend). Morecambe needs new attractions – having lost two piers, this design for a 21st century pier would be another huge attraction. They should also rescue and re-open the wonderful Victorian theatre on the seafront, so visitors can see major concerts and other events. Let’s hope this vision is matched by investment and Morecambe re-asserts its “pull” as a major seaside destination.

  • The victorian theatre at morecambe, The Winter Gardens is quite possibly beyond repair, otherwise funding may have come through already. They built the festival market to hosting concerts and other events (remember WOMAD?), but the market traiders complained because they didn’t want to close for such events, so the purpose built concert venue is now a full time market!!! handy for 2nd hand dvd’s and cheap tights, but it won’t bring any new tourism.

    The new marina which was proposed in recent years don’t tickle my fancy… it’s thinking along the right lines but isn’t the cutting edge design we see on this page.