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Energy Bucket by Stefano Merlo

Energy Bucket is a concept for a bucket-shaped, solar-powered light designed by Stefano Merlo. The bucket is left outside during the day to charge so it can be used at night.


Here's some text from Merlo:


Nowadays, to save energy is one of the most pressing problem. This is already possible with the actual technology, such as low consumption led lights and solar panels; but actual products seem to be too far from people's uses and overall they require not so much interaction to aware people about the problem.


Energy Bucket is an innovative product that comes from the habit of the past to collect potable water at the well using buckets. In fact, "Energy Bucket" requires to be exposed by the user under the solar light to recharge (thanks to the solar panels on top), so that it can be carried anywhere and illuminate once night (it works with 1KW led lights housed on the plastic bucket). A honest exchange between man and nature: I do something to have something back: clean light!