Louis Vuitton "fleeting store" at MOCA by Jean Marc Gady



French designer Jean Marc Gady will create a "fleeting store" for Louis Vuitton inside the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles later this month, to coincide with the © MURAKAMI exhibition celebrating the work of Japanese artist Takashi Murakami.


Murakami designed the hugely successful Monogram Multicolore range of bags for Louis Vuitton, which reinterpreted the brand's classic monogram pattern in multi-coloured, graffiti-style lettering.


The exhibition runs from 29 October to 11 February 2008.
Details follow:


A Louis Vuitton fleeting store in Takashi Murakami's exhibition at the MOCA.

For the retrospective devoted to Takashi Murakami at the MOCA (Los Angeles), the French designer Jean Marc Gady sets up the very first store settled in an exhibition. Initiated by Louis Vuitton, this "cultural commercial" space will offer to sale and sight products generated from the collaboration between the brand and the Japanese artist.

The concept should provoke some teeth grinding while pushing to the limits the Warhol's prophecy that theorized the crossover between art and commerce. A vision followed religiously by LVMH that increases collaborations with contemporary art stars to the point of inaugurating shopping at the museum.

For this first historic, Jean Marc Gady kept the classical codes of Vuitton's stores but immaculated them in a tonality resolutely more "white cube". Customary Louis Vuitton wooden walls left place to a white gloss-finish paint. Blass is replaced by mirror polished stainless steel.

The wooden floor mutes into "Chilewich", a highly resistant braided technical material that resumes the gigantic checkerboard associated to the house identity. Ditto for the walls covered with white varnished panels for a gallery space result as high as this unique corner.

Designer born in Paris in1971, graduated from the Blue School in 1997, Jean Marc Gady has been the subject of several permanent commissions from the VIA and has established a wide activity sphere that covers stagecraft, design or interior design with customers such as: LOUIS VUITTON, APPLE computers, BACCARAT, MOET & CHANDON, CHRISTOFLE, SEPHORA, LINE, ROSET, liv'it, GUERLAIN.

Jean Marc Gady has been in charge of the artistic direction of store display windows and events for LOUIS VUITTON between 2002 and 2006 and recently created his own creation structure.

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  • esef

    fucking lame if u ask me. LA is so vacuous and eager to consume, that this isn’t a surprise though. spend spend spend!!

  • esef

    oh, and those renderings suck too. do humans not have shadows in LV world?

  • Ren

    Jean Marc Gady is a very understimated designer he’s done some inspiring objects over the years, ie : he even gave Bodum a great idea for a coffee cup.


    Esef : The humans are shadows, look at the translucancy

  • david

    Actually, the Murakami show at Moca was brilliant and one of the most talked about shows recently with coverage in every paper. LA MOCA is hardly vacuous. It’s probably the best contemporary museum in the country.