Apartment in Bucharest by A.A. Studio



We're just glad she survived her ordeal in the closet... Romanian architects A.A. Studio have sent us a set of pictures of an apartment they have designed in Bucharest, nicknamed The Big White.


The text below comes from A.A. Studio:


40, Mircea Voda Avenue, block M11, 6th floor, ap. 60, Bucharest, Romania


Project: Apartment B.S.
Project Design Manager: Alex ADAM
Project Design Team: Roger Pop, Madalina Florea


This unconventional interior design of a three rooms apartament combines elements from the pop-art age, from the aesthetics of the years '60-'70 and from the contemporary minimalism, all under the influence of white, used so predominant as a manifest against the impure context where the habitation takes place.


The architecs took this project while the building was still under construction, and the first proposed partition of the apartament wasn't made.


Even so, the architects felt like restrictions some characteristics of the space like the irregular shape of the plan, the dimensions of the columns which was bigger than usual or the small height under the beams.


But above all an incovenince was the surface of the apartament: 110 square meters that include two bedrooms with bathrooms and dressing-rooms, and one living space with dinning room and kitchen.


The white, with all its shades,on varied textures and shapes was used to create depth and bigger height and also to give an abstract, luxurious feeling to the place beside his apparent simplicity.


Using the white with no limits, the architects made the space more dinamic,and they played with the light, natural and artificial light. The first step to achieve a unitary style was to build a dialog between all the spaces in the apatament.


The long hall was designed to be an extention of the living room: on one side of he hall the architects designed a bookcase with a decorative but functional structure. Every piece of furniture was carefuly chosen to unify the concept.








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  • nw

    This is not great design. It’s not even good design. It’s so terrible it hurts. Since when store bought cabinetry, strange cutouts and drywall manipulation is called design? Where the heck are the bathroom ergonomics, and is the woman in red needed to insure the wall won’t crumble in the hallway. The base light is pretty funny – I’ve seen them used (sparingly though) in better nursing homes. Those people don’t undertand lighting, they don’t understand color (using all white seems like a cheap subterfuge since the violet used in the bathroom is kind of crass), and don’t seem to undertand that good design is supposed to enhance human life, not create half interesting photography. I am so not impressed

  • chatte noire

    i think everyone’s being too harsh…..imagine the place with the stuff the owners will bring in….carpets, paintings, books, bric a brac…..its a kind of reverse psychology actually; the place being so stark, the owners wud b more inspired to make it cozier??!
    we also don’t know wat the design brief was in this case…..if the owners allowed sumthing so startling, it must meant they wanted sumthing like it….so let’s give the designers a break n assume that they must have sum sort of sensibility/intelligence!!!

  • andi

    I agree with Chatte. At first i also thought this is a bad design, but then, we have to keep in mind this is done for somebody who wanted it so. But then my question would be why was it even posted??? Because from an objective point of view yes, it’s horrible. You don’t have to look to Romania like a noman’s land where anything you would bring there is a succes. And sorry AA studio, but just the fact that you posted you’re design with a hot girl really says something about the shallow nature of u’re design and the fact that even u see it so. And I’m straight.

  • a

    the white is great. gives you a certain feeling about the meaning of life :p congratulations!

  • John B

    Beautiful, astonishing, the proportions and lines are superb and even elegant!!

    Yes, I’m talking about the model of course.

  • Zenza

    I think everyone wants to know who’s that chick!!!!

  • Sandy

    very washy and cold,

    yes, it looks like a hospital indeed

    but more a psychiatry clinic…

  • The apartment says “I am pop star… give me some drugs to live here” :)

  • John

    Her shoes are too big!

  • alexis

    hey aa studio. can u tell me the girl’s name, pls? she’s stunning!

  • just an admirer

    Design interior si arhitectura, nu ma pricep la ele, dar stiu ce imi place. Nu stiu care este targetul acestui site, specialisti sau bagatori in seama ca mine, motiv pentru care as sugera sa insotiti articolele voastre de un context, cum scria cineva mai sus, istoric, urban, politic etc., ca sa poata intelege si altii ce anume urmariti sa evidentiati prin creatiile voastre. Eu stiu ca am citit doar lucruri bune despre Alex A. in presa romaneasca. Sunt de abia la primele articole despre voi, dar sunt curioasa daca exista si alte pareri. Pentru mine, neinitiatul in ale design-ului, albul acela perseverent, sugereaza “rece” si un spatiu futuristic, in care nu imi doresc sa traiesc. Felul in care v-ati expus lucrarea, justifica deplin toate comentariile malitioase. Alegeti-va grupul tinta caruia sa va adresati, si in functie de asta acordati si detaliile necesare pentru descrierea lucrarii. Singura intrebare care imi ramane este, cat timp, in Bucuresti, iti ia sa cureti toate aceste suprafete?

    Spor in toate!

  • rory

    It looks like a beauty clinic…I hope it is for a woman, single, with no pets! No men, pets, kids or another creature who make a mess is allowed!
    It is remarcable for creativity, though…the surfaces are different in textures, but indeed the closet above the toilet it is like…ouch! I imagine myself , 1.60m, trying to get something out of that closet! Or trying to really see myself in that mirror!
    What material is on the floor? Paint?

  • vali

    f tare apartamentul….am mai vazut cateva facute de voi…unul tot genul asta pe modrogan…super tari….nu mi place fata in rosu…nu fata ci ideea de imbracaminte cam centurista….inteleg ca ati vrut culoare dar puteati sa o imbracati altfel……
    ps….my house is all optic white and u can leave perfect in it

  • Desiree Gaunt

    I believe that the design is a good contribution to groundbreaking contemporary design in Bucharest. Sometimes the visuals can be confusing/deceptive, especially when human figures are not included for proportional value. (I am not talking about the woman in red visual… this conjures up images of cheap car sales advertisements…)
    After noting all the 'lacks warmth' comments, I agree that the apartment looks too sterile and that the addition of furniture items with some textile variation would go a long way to creating the look of homely warmth. It lacks fluidity of fixtures that cause the eye to run along a room. The furnishings in the living room are too sparse and sporadic. It is much more appealing to the eye and practical to have these sound system and lighting items fitted for practicality to make space for furnishings that people 'live' on or in.
    I do love the floor finish, but once again, without a rug or timber inset used as a space definer, it seems very hospital-like. We must strive to distinguish between corporate/residential design by creating spaces that we can't wait to return home to in the evenings…

  • Julie G

    What makes me feel like I would suffocate and die in this home, instead of feeling like “ooh I love the nod to late ’60’s mod”, is the lack of windows. It’s all artificial. I think I would have a panic attack after 15 minutes in there because the lack of reference to the world outside reminds me of being in an operating room. You could live there and totally take up surgery as a hobby.