Robert Stadler installation in a Parisian church


Robert Stadler has sent us photos of his lighting installation in the church of Saint-Paul Saint-Louis in Paris during the annual Nuit Blanche all-night festival earlier this month.

See the renderings Stadler sent us just before the installation opened and see if you can spot the difference...

Photos are by Marc Domage.

Posted by Rose Etherington

Posted on Tuesday October 30th 2007 at 11:44 am by . Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • wow, an interesting new look at a chapel, I am surprised they allowed them to do that.

  • Wow. It’s quite a statement to have that in a church…

  • Amazing, elegant.
    An estetic manifest of the use of light

  • Pi

    a big question mark in a church? lol… never get an atheist to do the lighting in a church.

  • Never an atheist’s work.

    It’s a sort of a question to the Roman Catholic’s claim of their being Christian.

  • K

    great and simple! if church isn’t the place where you get the answer to “a big question mark” – where is that place? ? life is asking questions and searching, searching, searching…

  • rtl

    great installation;)
    simple and to the point

  • yulisri

    nice question robert,,

  • yrag

    This is one of my favorite photos of all time. If that question mark was always there, I would attend that church—devoutly.

  • Jose

    Mi amorsito te mando esta pagina… tienes que verlo… increible… fusion entre lo abigarrado y las sombras y del detallismo y la simplicidad de las formas y la luz…..INCREIBLE…

  • David

    love it!

  • Interesting conceptual approach. Love the way it takes the everyday and then subverts it. Similar to the approach of the P40B Art Collective in London. Their next show is coming up on 1st Nov (see

  • davide

    love it