Well Done: a food company annual report that has to be cooked first


Croatian creative agency Bruketa & Zinić have designed an annual report for food company Podravka that has to be baked in an oven before it can be read. Update: this project is included in Dezeen Book of Ideas, which is on sale now for £12.

Called Well Done, the report features blank pages printed with thermo-reactive ink that, after being wrapped in foil and cooked for 25 minutes, reveal text and images.

Here are details from Bruketa & Zinić:


Well Done, the annual report for food company you have to bake before use

Empty pages become filled with content after being baked at 100°C for 25 minutes.

“Well done” created by Bruketa & Zinić is the new annual report for Podravka, the biggest food company in South-East Europe. It consists of two parts:

  • a big book containing numbers and a report of an independent auditor
  • a small booklet that is inserted inside the big one that contains the very heart of Podravka as a brand: great Podravka’s recipes.

To be able to cook like Podravka you need to be a precise cook. That is why the small Podravka booklet is printed in invisible, thermo-reactive ink. To be able to reveal Podravka’s secrets you need to cover the small booklet in aluminium foil and bake it at 100 degrees Celsius for 25 minutes.

If you are not precise, the booklet will burn, just as any overcooked meal. If you have successfully baked your sample of the annual report, the empty pages will become filled with text, and the illustrations with empty plates filled with food.

The annual report is printed on paper Conqueror Laid Brilliant White 120 g/m2, Munken Polar 130 g/m2 and Soporset 90 g/m2 and written with typography Thema by Nikola Djurek and Lexicon by Bram De Does.

The creative team of the project consists of Creative Directors Davor Bruketa & Nikola Zinić; Art directors Davor Bruketa, Nikola Zinić, Imelda Ramovi, Mirel Hadžijusufović; Copywriters Davor Bruketa, Nikola Zinić, Lana Cavar, Teo Tarabarić, Project manager Mirna Grzelj; Prepress: Danko Đurašin and editor Drenislav Zekić.

This is the seventh annual report for Podravka designed by Bruketa & Zinić OM. Those seven books won numerous awards worldwide such as London International Awards (Gold), Art Directors Club New York (Silver), Red Dot (Best of the Best), Cresta (Winner of Category), I.D. Annual Design Review (Best of Category), Type Directors Club (Typographic Excellence), Graphis (Gold) , Creativity (Gold) , Good Design (Graphics Award), HOW International Design Awards (Best of Show), Moscow International Advertising Festival (Gold), International Forum Communication Design (Design Award) and ARC Awards (Gold).

Bruketa & Zinić OM is a 60-people independent agency based in Zagreb, Croatia. It was established 10 years ago. The agency has been awarded for their projects by many prestigious contests and their work has been presented in many publications, books and exhibitions worldwide.

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  • Wow, that looks very amazing. But for the every day use it’s probablly nothing. At least the ofen is hot once you’re able to start to cook.

  • That is pure genius.

  • Matt

    Nice Work guys, great idea to spice up an otherwise boring project. Love the effort and creativity involved.

  • This has got to be the most creative annual report i’ve ever seen. Well done.

  • ian

    Fuck man, this is great!

  • Very cool! Gets someone intimate with cooking and involved with the process, love it!

    BTW, Bruketa & Zinić won Graphis Awards for Podravka in both 2005 and 2006, search here:

  • Deborah

    only one thing to say.


  • nAHLA

    I loved it!!! An original…

  • i wrote that stupid thing coz i gave a comment before that. and what wasn’t not even gone for moderation, so that’s why i checked it again that is it even working properly or not

  • Dongix

    Why the snide comments? The whole concept makes a lot of sense. I particularly don’t like using an oven to cook food, let alone use it so I can read a recipe book. BUT still, granting I have one of those books in my hand and even if I won’t pop it in the oven, I still think the idea was brilliant.

    There is no need to explain. People who truly understand design and concept will see its value. People who truly understand design are the ones who who can be open to new concepts and can give credit to where credit is due.

    People who think they understand design and are full of “their designer selves” will always look for a way to criticize and pull a good idea down, even to the point of being senseless – for whatever selfish and prideful reasons.

    You know who you are.

  • This is crazy… amazing.. but still a bit crazy.

  • batmobil

    It is great because it’s so pointless no one bothered to do it before, so all the monkeys go weee weee weee of surprise and joy and clicks and free advertisement.