Urban-C by Jennifer Newman


Here's a new set of photos of Urban-C, a range of indoor/outdoor tables, stools and benches by designer Jennifer Newman.

The range is made of Corian and it is claimed to be the first affordable product made from the surfacing material.

Newman launched the range at 100% Design in London back in September.

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  • yawn

  • fBot

    Need to do more then that these days

  • nick


  • I’m always afraid to design this kind of simple things… because someone can say… hey what did you design on that…this could every one do and so on. But you know it is about detail which are not visible on first sight.

    I’m not really sure about this product…but maybe power of this furniture is really in detail…… but not visible form this pictures….. otherwise it is boring as “nick” said.

  • Ren

    Discrete & pure design, the minimum to reach the goal, almost like a Sam Hecht project, pretty much soleless on a emotional level, but esthetically speaking will age well.

  • Gary D

    I think this idea works well, alot of you seem to be missing some of the great qualities about this: 1st: The fact that it is compact and has the ability to take up less space when space is so much of a premium these days: 2nd: Due to its simple and sleek design it means that people less well off have the chance to own a great designed and modern piece of furniture.

    I like it. Your yawns seem a little pretenious to me.

  • andy

    I agree with with your first point Gary D perhaps she could have photographed it in said landscape and i don’t agree with fBot as a quick look at her website shows she has some great ideas. go look and see. But the design certainly wouldn’t come cheap as its made from Corian perhaps bent plywood would be a better material/alternative, keep up the work Newman too many haters on this website

  • Corian can be less expensive for a project than free wood. It is so much easier to work with than wood and requires no finishing. This project was probably completed in half the time required of wood and would require even less in production. It is a nice clesan design that will fit with many decors.