Prototyp Einfamilienhaus by AKA architetti


Italian architects AKA architetti have won a competition for a low-energy wooden house.

The Prototyp Einfamilienhaus - prototype one-family house - will be built on sites in Germany, Italy and Switzerland. The first residential unit will be realized in Darß, Germany, and is scheduled to be completed by 2008.

The following information about the project is from AKA architetti:


AKA architetti have won a competition for the development of a one-family housing prototype, to be commercialized in Germany, Switzerland and Italy.

In April 2007, five European architectural offices were invited to participate and exchange ideas on the theme of one-family wooden housing.

The Italian office AKA, with its eco-compatible and low energy project, has been announced as the jury’s first choice. The competition was a restricted contest, organised by Energietechnik Gertig. Only five offices were invited to participate.

The residential project has two floors and an overall area of 130 square metres. The first floor, containing the collective spaces, is completely open towards the green outdoor environment as it is made from glass. The second floor, where the more private areas are located, is made entirely out of wood.

On the pitched roof, we envisage a photovoltaic panel system or solar cells.


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  • Sachin

    need some details about why it is eco-compatible,apart from solar cells on the roof no details are provided.


  • :)

    very nice….looks like a comfortable house …wish i could live there

  • dov

    very nice….

  • (((0)))

    If it has been a crappy zaha eco-wired-solar-lunar-blob, you wouldn’t have asked for such kind of informations… very funny behaviour… take it easy.

  • Kevin

    If you envision solar cells on the roof, why don’t we see them?

  • floyd landis

    What’s the point? Don’t you have any work?

  • t’s complicated to say in a few lines… First, we’ve tried to develop a flexible system that makes possible to customize the house depending on the site (changing the orientation of the upper level, using different types of facade panels, etc) plus we’ve used various systems to minimize the environmental impact of the building: lowering dispersion, choosing bio-compatible materials and saving energy devices. If anybody is interested to know more we’re going to create a website soon… thanks

  • james

    great project, whats the next step now?

  • ttschllac

    hey JoJo, i really would like to see your “fantastic” works here on dezeen… instead of simply saying “crappy” …

  • Crorks

    Nice looking building and concept but I wonder if the cantilever is a little too big resulting in lack of light into the lower part of the building. I only make this comment as I live in a building with an excessive cantilever and artificial lighting is required for the space most of the day.
    The other spaces surrounding the building look very impressive.

  • santiago

    me gustaria conoserlos

  • Jenny

    hey))) the project is pretty nice, very warm, guess the owners are the happiest people in the world))
    very cute design-simple and it is its strength, for sure :)

  • Very nice and pretty, i wonder had they build it?

  • yes they did, but i can't find that article