Narcisse mirrors by various designers for Domestic


French design brand Domestic has launched a collection of mirrors by various designers including Matali Crasset, 5.5 Designers and Ich&Kar (whose I Love Me mirror is shown above).

The collection is called Narcisse. Above: Meltingpolyhedron by Pierre Marie

Above: Apricot Sunday by Tado

Above: Spline by Matali Crasset

Above: Bibelots by 5.5 Designers

Above: 5 Mirrors by 5.5 Designers

Above: Landscape by Antoine+Manuel

Above: Smoooch! by Geneviève Gauckler

Above: Trululu by Rolito

Above: Alla Francesca by Ana Mir+Emili Padros

Above: Alice in Wonderland by Matali Crasset

Above: Alla Francesca by Ana Mir+Emili Padros

Here's some text from Domestic:


Narcisse. A collection of artists’ mirrors. Other than the qualities linked to its reflective functions, the key aspect of the mirror resides generally in the quality, design and workmanship of its frame. The Narcisse collection proposes to free the mirror from its traditional frame and thanks to the proposals of a dozen designers and graphic artists to see how, rid of its traditional codes, it is renewed to continue to give a faithful image!

The Narcisse collection is designed by matali crasset, 5.5 Designers, Geneviève Gauckler, Ich&Kar, Rolito, Tado, Antoine+Manuel, Pierre Marie, Ana Mir+Emili Padròs.

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  • Vincent

    Very nice and original, with a different design you can see the wall4me mirorrs.

  • I bought the spline mirror and it is a piece of trash. The mirror arrived deeply scratched – it’s made of plastic (perspex, actually) so that might be excusable. However, the two halves are also very asymmetric and the visual effect is ruined. Worst of all, are not answering my emails (though they were quick to do so prior to sending me the mirror, before they had all my billing information). So don’t buy them! They’re too expensive for their shoddy quality.

  • lee

    CHCH – im having a similar problem although i never received my wall sticker or mirror, total spend 143 euros. I placed the order back in January 2008, its now April and they too have stopped replying to emails. Whats worse is that the even bigger net rip off merchants wont dispute the case because my query came after 45 days which is ‘against their policy’ even though the order took 1 week, the delivery time is stated as 2-4 weeks and then i spent a further few weeks getting the odd email saying the order would arrive soon. Buying over the net isnt all its cracked up to be but can certainly recommend 2 sites not to usE: DOMESTIC.FR & PAYPAL.COM

  • maria cristina

    Where can I buy some product in USA,


  • Rosario Yamel

    I would like to buy some mirrors, where I can get, or buy here in Latinoamereica??? or do you have service packege messenger??