Ikepod wristwatches by Marc Newson


Design Miami 07: watch brand Ikepod presented their new collection by designer Marc Newson at Design Miami over the weekend.

There are three ranges in the new collection: the pared-back Horizon (top image), and the Hemipode (above) and Megapode (below) chronographs.

Below is some info from Ikepod:


Horizon Collection

The Horizon wristwatch forgoes all complications in favor of pure design. The unique dial creates the optical illusion of appearing convex, thereby emphasizing the three dimensional volume of the IKEPOD case. This new collection works as an elegant dress watch in platinum for men, and in solid rose gold for women.

The Horizon wristwatch makes reference to the “event horizon” in astrophysics, literally meaning the edge of a “black hole” – the moment when gravity becomes infinite, when both time and space disappear. The timeless beauty and simplicity of this wristwatch, juxtaposed with its reference to the mathematical end of time and space, underscore the poetry and fleeting nature of timekeeping itself.

Hemipode Dual Time Collection

The iconic hemispheric shape of the IKEPOD watch is the inspiration for the name of this classic Marc Newson chronograph. The Hemipode embodies all the essential values of the IKEPOD philosophy: design integrity as well as technical functionality. Most chronographs offer a stopwatch function to time a lap around the racetrack or a jog around the park; this model also offers a second time zone function controlled by an eccentric off-center pusher.

The watch is designed for someone on the move who reads what time it is in Tokyo, but also needs to see what time it is back in Paris. The Hemipode is the epitome of how IKEPOD redefines the classic wristwatch, a design which will look even better in twenty years than it does today. Where as a design or fashion watch is destined to lose its allure, to choose the Hemipode is proof that one is attuned to an avantgarde statement of sophisticated taste.

Megapode Chronograph Collection

The largest and most technical of the IKEPOD Collection, the titanium Megapode provides the time, the day, a chronograph function, as well as a unique circular slide rule for complicated calculations. This is a watch that can compute fuel consumption for an aircraft or a waypoint for a pilot who needs to calculate range and distance.

A rugged and sturdy sport watch, this is the timepiece one would wish to have during an offshore passage at sea or a helicopter flight over the Alps. The unique and highly technical dial is the result of calculated and deliberate design. This wristwatch is a visual tour de force; never has so much information fit onto a watch dial without clutter, the result is a perfect balance of function and design.


Conceived by revolutionary industrial designer Marc Newson, the IKEPOD wristwatch banishes all that is unnecessary in order to reunite man and machine with the design authority and organic power of the ultimate surfboard, a classic sport car, or a racing multi-hull. IKEPOD combines economy of gesture, pinnacle technology, and sensuality of materials in ways that challenge connoisseurs to embrace not only a singular timepiece but also a bold set of values.

Foremost among these is independence from the conventions of traditional wristwatch design. Hewing to the great modernist principles of ‘truth to materials,’ and unity of form and function, IKEPOD rejects gratuitous ornamentation in order to highlight simplicity of form. It transforms what has previously been a strictly two-dimensional object into an organic, sculptural volume that functions in all three dimensions. By deliberately blurring old distinctions between front and back, it achieves a new level of harmony with the body of its wearer. Thus, while traditional watches employ “lugs” to attach a watchband to a case, the IKEPOD case and band join together in a single uninterrupted whole. By forgoing clasps and cumbersome articulated buckles in favor of a single discreet nipple, IKEPOD offers intimate fit, fluidity, and ideal balance on the wrist. Nothing superfluous comes between wearer and watch.

The IKEPOD approach is weighted with integrity. When the design process strips away all excess, what remains? Unrivaled quality and purpose. And so IKEPOD employs only inspectiongrade platinum, red gold, and titanium, sculpted to the highest standards possible by Swiss craftsmen. The dials provide information without pretension or conceit. And the IKEPOD band, unlike any other, is molded from a soft and flexible scented rubber, thereby defying the traditional definitions of sport and dress watch. In its startling difference, IKEPOD demands intelligence and daring from its wearer, and declares individuality the most exclusive form of luxury.

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  • Great design.. I'm in love with HORIZON, want them.

  • laru

    of course, that press release doesn’t quite inform you that the watches will set you back roughly 35K. apiece.


  • michael

    The watches are the same than 6 years ago. No progess. They only raised the prices like hell( It is ART now!).

    Actually the model variety was better before. I loved the MANATEE.
    The names of the models were consistant.
    No factory in Switzerland anymore, production is with a second hand shitty private label company who knows where? Hong Kong? Shenzen?Haifa?
    The real visionary and founder of the brand has nothing to do with the brand anymore.
    What a petty. If designer get too greedy for money……….
    They should take the “IKE” off the brand and call it “LETS MAKE MONEYPOD”

  • Ren

    I agree with Michael, nothing new to see here except a definite classic from Newson in need of a few more sales before christmas.

  • To answer to Michael:
    respectfully, I need to set the record straight.
    1- we do not make anything in a second hand shitty private label unless you call Chanel (yes, CHANEL) a shitty factory. They are made in La- Chaux de fonds in Switzerland
    2- The real visionary (I guess you think of Marc Newson) has ALL to do with the company. Not only he is a partner of the company, that he designs everything (all the way to the business cards), but he is the one that asked us to repurchase the company PRECISELY because he had nothing to do with the old company
    3- if you could imagine that it took me 18 months to launch the new production, you would understand that ALL has been changed internally and also in the construction of the case which is elliptical. Small differences for you maybe but crucial to Marc Newson
    4- If you loved the Manatee, you might like the Solaris, (no pictures available as of yet). And -unlike the Manatee- it is designed by Marc Newson and is working…
    PLease contact me at pierre@ikepod.com if you need anymore information.
    Pierre Halimi Lacharlotte

    • Nicole Palmer

      Hi, I have a Ikepod. My second needle fell off inside the case. I”m finding it hard to find the shop to repair it. They said it need the special tool to open the case. Could you please let me know where I can send and repair it?

      Nicole (Hong Kong)

  • Nuno

    I really dig the Horizon. How much do they cost?

  • michael

    Hi Pierre

    Just to give you a brief answer.
    The MANATEE was designed by Marc Newson.
    The true visionary and founder of the brand was and is NOT Marc Newson but Oliver Ike.
    I happen to know that guy through a common friend in California.
    I do not want to discuss this here, but I probably know more about the company than you.
    Marc Newson is a good designer, no doubt.
    I just do not believe he is an artist and that is what the new owner of the brand wants people to believe.
    The pricing point of the watches now is just hilarious and the quality has not improved one inch. The brand has dissapeared on the world market.
    Chanel does cheap quartz fashion watches and if that is your producer than I was not so wrong in guessing where the merchandise originates from..
    Your name is only known to me from the trade as an ex partner of Kenjo watches in New York, a horrible discounting retailer who gives you 45% off.
    Sorry but your arguments do not convince me
    Ren was right, its a desperate publication before X-mas to sell some more “Let’s make Moneypods”

  • molu

    There’s something so Robb Report about this isn’t there?


  • Nuno


  • wow …the price….not my budget…. BTW interesting conversation

  • Bozo

    Don’t they make scented liquid?

  • Limited editions are lowering the barrier for new entrants to compete on the highly competitive design market. It is a great way to limit your stock as a designer/producer and to gain experience in the production process. It is a welcoming business model to Wieki Somers, Maarten Baas and the likes as they get to know the creative industry and are able to develop their own language before going mainstream.

    Alas, it seems that more and more companies are vulgarising this trend by fooling their audience into silly limited edition runs. Ikepod is not the only one :(

  • The Horizon has an excellent design regardless of the rather ambitious description.

  • Peter

    Personally, i have a huge problem to call Marc Newson a designer in the first place. He is a good stylist and – kudos! – has cleverly managed to establish himself as a brand, but looking at the growing heap of sculptural Kitsch products makes me increasingly sick. Infantile products like the ridiculously nonfunctional “Dish Doctor” (i once had one in my studio´s tea kitchen, don´t ask…) or “Nike Zvezdochka” (yes, holes in a shoe do collect dirt) really speak for themself.

    And the silly world of the luxury watch market should be a no-go-area for any designer who claims to be seriously interested in the future of our planet.

  • To Michael (again):
    You might think you know the company better than me and I will not challenge you on this as I don’t know your personal history, but your tone suggests some private agenda. So let’s go point by point:
    1- Oliver was indeed a visionary. Yet it is Marc that designed the watches. Note that the POD was designed in 1986, therefore well before any of us knew about Marc or Ikepod.
    2- Marc never pretended to be an artist. In the panel about design and art at the Frieze Fair in London, he claimed loud and clear his status as a designer.
    3- Regarding prices: Our price positioning has changed but our prices are consistent with what Oliver did. Compare what is comparable: His gold Hemipode was in 2003: CHF 23, 320. Now, if you have not noticed, Gold went up about 50% since then. Add on this the natural increases from Swiss manufacturers, and you may realize that we are perfectly in line with the history.
    4- You might want to revise your judgment about Chatelain (wholly owned by Chanel). They do less expensive movements such as quartz, but many more than that. They are still considered to be some of the most competent manufacturer there is in Switzerland. Now you may know more than me on this., After all, I have been doing this for only 20 years.
    5- Now that you mention me (which has nothing to do with this debate), I need to correct your statement. To be known ONLY as the ex partner of Kenny (and not Kenjo) is embarrassing. I ONLY brought Bell & Ross in the country, was the vice president world wide of Technomarine in its heydays, introduced FP Journe (considered by many as the best watchmaker alive). By the way, I was one of the 1st one to carry IKEPOD when introduced in the USA in my stores.
    Obviously, you have a special relationship with Oliver Ike. In any failure, one may be tempted to take sides and I respect your loyalty. I have nothing again Oliver. Quite the opposite. I do believe he was ahead of his time and his failure was more due to bad timing than anything else. And if you see him, please feel free to give him my email.
    Best Regards,

  • To Olivier:
    I cannot agree with you more. Limited edition are over played. Note that we only have one (The “black Hole”) which is sold out. And there is only one scheduled for this year. Also, we made sure that our limited edition are among the less expensive timepieces we offer.

  • Hari Nalwa

    Pierre, dont please get into these trivial arguments. Its only some guy pissed off with the world, someone who never gets to like anything or anyone. There’ll be many more useless voices, dont get into it. The product is still great and speaks for itself!

  • filip

    To Michael:

    You seem very angry. Do you need a hug?


  • Steve


    Your watch products are some of the most unique and beautiful examples of timepieces available today, and no doubt will be looked at as historically significant watch designs in the future.

    Sour grapes will always be hanging on the vines for some people.

    Keep up the good work!

  • hi i like his work and have chosen him for an assignment so yeh!!

  • MFB

    Can anyone provide me with the name of a watchmaker in Switzerland who can repair a very pretty but never functional ikepod?

  • George Gaviotis

    I was reading the debate with interest but i d like to ask Mr Pierre Halimi how can he justify an Ikepod with an off the self engine and no complication whatsoever (in pink gold) to be more expensive than any Jaeger Le Coultre (in pink gold) or any Patek Philippe (in pink gold) with no complecation but at least in house movement?

  • moi

    niceeeeeeeeeeeee…. is there any way to have these watches for freee( i am juskt kidding)

    WELL Done MARC Newson

    i want to know where can i find these watches bth i live in the Middle east … Also I want to know the price ????

    I really want to know because really really I like it

  • Hello,
    I love Ikepod.
    If you need any work to be done on your Ikepod.
    You can contact me in Switzerland.
    I worked for Ikepod since 2003.
    Kind Regards

    • Nicole Palmer

      Hi, I have an Ikepod and have owned the first generation for about 20 years. My second needle fell off inside the case. I’m finding it hard to find the shop to repair it. They said it needed the special tool to open the case. Could you please let me know where I can send and repair it?

      Nicole (Hong Kong)

  • Hi Guys, Howzit Eugene!
    the IKEPOD Horizon is the single most beautiful watch I’ve ever seen and had. Originally that design was created for the then IKEPOD Tourbillon. However, the above agro convers is for the dogs! I met both, Oliver and Marc. Don’t get into it Pierre – agree with Hari… (btw. I was the contracted sole importer and distributor for IKEPOD for South Africa, Namibia and Botswana during its entire life within these countries) and I like the new positioning of IKEPOD, but no real business anymore for me and a single brand like IKEPOD in these very small markets unfortunately…

    My query is of a different nature; Dose anybody know a very good address (case manufacturrer) in Switzerland who produces precision cases for external companies, or well known brands like Baume&Mercier, Jager le Cultre, Piaget, IWC or similar? Who is the best address for such in Switzerland?

    any leads are much appreciated

    cheerio, mart

  • Les

    It’s the sort of watch you either love or hate.

  • Well, I love it.

  • Why does a watch have to be cool or smart? All it needs to do is tell time, correctly. Get a phone if you want to waste money on something “smart”.

  • Mike

    I have a red Manatee – I would like to swap it with a gold Horizon (gold face).
    Will anybody swap?

  • Hi Nicole,

    We recommend contacting Ikepod directly for advice regarding servicing. A contact can be found on its website: http://www.ikepod.com/

    Kind regards,


  • Cece

    I am sad that Marc Newson sold his design aesthetics of the Ikepod watch to Apple. I thought when purchasing my Ikepod I was purchasing a
    uniquely designed watch with the price tag to match.

    Only a few years later the less-expensive Apple watch is flooding the market. I have great admiration for Mr Newson, but now it feels like a sell out.

  • Miriam Lasington

    Love the watch.