Paper Vases by Studio Libertiny


Design Miami 07: Tomáš Gabzdil Libertiny of Studio Libertiny presented a project called Paper Vases at Design Miami last week, which involved laminating 700 sheets of paper into a solid block and then turning this into a vase on a lathe.

Each sheet of paper is printed with an identical image of a tree, creating an ghostly tree pattern on the surface of the vases.

The project explores how paper - a product made from trees - can be returned to its original state and carved as if it were wood.

The vases are produced in a limited edition of ten sets of five vases.

The sheets of paper are glued with wood glue and left in a hydraulic press to dry.

These photos show how the vases are made.

Libertiny also designed the Honeycomb Vases, which are made by bees inside a hive.

Update: see our movie of this project at Design Miami 

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  • Nuno

    I really like the ‘work in progress’ pictures.

  • maboica

    I saw them doing the vases at Design Miami and they are fantastic. It looks really delicate and beautiful. Its really nice to see the pattern pop out once lathed.

  • K. Rimane

    oh wow, the process to making these vases is just amazing. i want one. i really do.
    10/10 bravo!

  • bravo Tomas!

  • Ryan

    great idea, but i hope the huge portion of the block that was wasted is being recycled or put to use somehow…

  • tiffany


  • Ku


  • Will

    Very elegant.

  • Pure Poetry.

  • Sander

    i like it very much
    one issue
    water for flowers?

  • Eloise

    Very interesting- very strong.

    I’m seeing quite a few interesting projects lately that investigate the intersection of Graphics and Products- This is much more intelligent than this shallow project of plastic doll painting that annoys me.. No concept, no reflection- where as this project is very strong in those dimensions.

    I wonder however- could the image, the colors etc. have been better? Product-wise, concept-wise- very good- Graphics could have been bolder I think..

    goodone libertini!

  • Congratulations Tomas.
    Great work.
    can’t wait to see what is next.


  • dave

    I’m just curious about the paper to wood glue ratio ?, apart from that a nice concept of taking paper full circle.

  • mayanic

    I wonder how much it weights? And what it feels like in hands. oh, yeah and the water, like someone said. But really, this is very nice, would really want one.

  • El Greco

    Facsimile over real trees? Never.

    I don’t care how recycled the paper is.

  • biserka


  • dan

    conservative design coupled with stone aged unefficient production process. no idea what is supposed to be innovative or interesting about this. give me a piece of clay..

  • kong

    although its a beautiful project I wonder how much of it is sustainable ?
    obviously they had to put in at least 20-30% glue to get that good grip between papers ,plus these are new papers so what about using recycled /used paper ?

  • grace

    uau!!! congratulations!

  • You're own original idea? Hannah Lobley in the UK has been doing this for over 10 years!