Normal timepieces by Ross McBride


Designer Ross McBride of Tokyo-based Normal presented a new collection of clocks and watches at 100% Design Tokyo last month.

The autumn range consists of a clock and a wristwatch, both available in various finishes.

Here's some blurb from Normal:


Normal Timepieces are designed by Ross McBride, and produced by Normal Y.K.

The Normal Timepieces brand was launched in July of 2006, with a retrospective exhibition of Ross McBride's work at Cïbone in Tokyo, Japan.

Two years in the making, it was the culmination of Ross' love of timepieces, and strong desire to create a self-produced brand that fully embodied his own sensibilities.

The initial product range included three watches: "Extra Normal", and two limited edition pieces, "Time Zone", and "Time = Money".

In Autumn of 2007, the range was limited to just the Extra Normal design, and expanded upon with a variety of new materials, and surface treatments. Additionally, a new Extra Normal wall clock was introduced.

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  • Maybe it’s time I begin wearing a watch again?

  • Nuno

    I gotta be honest… I dig this!

  • yung

    The style is nice, but wtf is “extra normal”??
    Is super normal not enough?

  • jaguar

    nice watch….

  • sammy

    it’s wonderful design.

  • Razif

    well.. normal is normal.
    super normal would be something simpler …
    i guess what makes it ‘extra’ simple is just switching a new paradigm of simplicity which is a little abnormal normal..
    get it ?

  • Razif

    i dig the black.. a better contrast.

  • black is better, but simply and ingenious

  • Let’s not think too much about the name. My company name is “Normal”, and the brand name is “Normal Timepieces”. The watch is intentionally minimal, and generic in form (normal), with an understated, but important twist (extra).

    Also, apologies for the Normal Timepieces web site. It is in dire need of updating with the latest product, and distributor information. Working on that now. In the mean time, please feel free to direct any inquiries directly to me.


  • K. Rimane

    I want one now!

  • tiffany

    well done Ross!

  • W

    When will this be released or sold to North America/Canada? I would love to purchase a clock.

  • bob splendid

    You cant see the time clearly

  • Ben

    Nice one, normal, or not it has a famlier language with a twist that makes me want one. Whats next….

  • Nice

  • dave

    Very hard to do an original watch, so well done Ross !

  • excelent work
    saludos desde Santiago de Chile.

  • Serena

    I need the email to contact Normal Design, but i’m unable to go their website,is there anyone who can help me?

  • James

    Simple and elegant.

  • -g-

    Fantastic watches. Have already ordered one for myself!

    E-mail contact is:

  • Serena

    Thanks -g-~~~

  • mani

    I love watches of this type very much . They are simple and abstract.

  • Luca

    Fantastic 80’s retro style….
    do you remember projects designed by the office Studio 80?


  • 80’s retro style?! Studio 80!!?

  • Justin

    Where I can buy It?

  • Victor

    When I can buy it in mainland China? Or how to order it

  • Michael


  • Luca

    I didn’t intend to be offensive when I wrote about “Fantastic ’80’s retro style”.
    I personally love that incredible decade!
    A lots of skill designers and architects worked creating fantastic stuffs during the ’80’s….
    Shigeru Uchida (Studio 80) was (but still is) one of them. Take a look!
    You will find the feeling I was talking about.


  • No offense taken – just a little surprise. I like Shigeru Uchida.

  • Luca

    I finally like so much your watches!
    I’m trying to buy one of them in Italy or in the web; may you help me?



  • rjustr

    beautiful…well done.
    i love twists…this is enough to inspire anyone!

  • pun


  • Marlitt

    I want to be normal too.
    Very nice Ross.
    Hope you are well

  • Wow.. a negative invert type. .I love it..

  • Wow! i love this watch! I’m hoping to get this watch from my girlfriend for our one year anniversary after i *hinted* it to her hehe. excellent work, Mr. McBride!
    I’m also saving for the wall clock too. Excellent addition for your bedroom.

  • Michael

    My girl ended up getting me the extra normal with the white face watch. it ROCKS!! love your work Mr. McB!

  • Alberto

    Hola aquien corresponda, estoy interesado en el reloj Ross McBride de color ngro, yo estoy en Baja california Mexico, favor de enviar los precios con el enviuo grcias…

  • joseignacio

    Quiero comprar un reloj de estos y no se como ni donde. Estoy en España,
    Iwant to buy one of this, i am in spain please thanks

  • TRivera

    Is the same Ross McBride who owns No Firends? Either way those are some really cool watches, Im trying to find one out here in California.

  • TRivera

    Never mind about the No Friends thing, I thought this Ross was the same guy who owns No Friends, a Bodyboarding Company. But those are some really sick watches, sorry about the mix up

  • david

    Is the “TIME = MONEY” watch available anywhere……? It seems to be really amuzing…. ;-)