Dezeen's end of year traffic report


It's a new year, so it's time to do the accounts. 2007 was our first year and it was a great start: Dezeen got 2.5 million unique visitors in total, and 4.5 million page loads.

Traffic grew significantly every quarter, doubling between the third and fourth quarter, with 1,137,366 unique visitors and 2,249,499 pageloads during October-December. November was our best month, with half a million unique visitors.

We started last year in 171,809th place on Technorati's popularity ranking of all blogs in the world; today we are placed 1,438th. Technorati ranks blogs according to their authority, based on the number of other sites that link to them: there are 3,765 links to Dezeen in total, from 1,417 different blogs.

Thanks to all our readers; here's to a bigger and better 2008.

*Figures are based on statistics from

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  • Tyler

    I thank you guys! Great job and of course, Congrats!

  • yeh congrats, such stats are amazing…

  • F

    very impressive : this makes Dezeen the most popular A& D blog I guess.
    Happy new year ..


    Hey u guys, I´m so glad of ur outstanting and raising success, keep the hard work!!! congratZ from MEXICO

  • Anthea in Australia

    I am not a designer but I love this site it makes me very happy every day to see the great things people are creating. Love your work!

  • What a brilliant start for such a young and exciting blog. You are a daily read for me. Hopefully you’ll get some traffic from my ‘design super stuff’ blog as your listed as one of my favourites! Blogs are the future!!!

  • more design to you guys I say!!

    well done!!!:-)

    And I’m happy with a mere X hits a day – I’m going to have to raise my game!!

  • chahdch

    keep up the great work

  • J

    The strength is the simplicity. No bullshit, just cool projects shown and explained in a clear way.

    Thanks for that.

  • R

    you are great!i like it, and
    will come here everyday