Pedregal Shopping Centre by Pascal Arquitectos


Here's a second project by Mexican architects Pascal Arquitectos: their proposed Pedregal shopping centre was unveiled last summer.

The development is for Pedregal, an affluent suburb of the city.

See Pascal Arquitectos' Mediation House in our earlier story.

Here's some text from the architets, plus plans and elevations:


This project comes to set a new architectural statement in the Pedregal area of Mexico City, which has been neglected because nothing new and important had happened since its beginnings when “Cuidad Universitaria” was built.

Nowadays the real-estate pressure and the need of services are beginning to promote significant changes.

The way that this building relates with its context is by breaking away from what is common to the zone, which are big houses in big areas surrounded by very high stone walls which do not let anybody know what is happening outside and vice versa.

This goal is achieved with the main facade that consists of two elements: one of them lined with a zinc plate with large irregular perforations, into which different shades of yellow translucent laminated glass section is inlaid.

It allows the view of the interior event from the outside, while at the same time allowing the view of the exterior event from the inside. In this way the public social spaces mix and the limits between the urban and the private become frontiers.

The project includes two commercial levels and a roof garden and two underground parking levels.

Mobility-impaired individual access and areas are included: ramps, special parking spaces, elevators, etc.; car reception area at the entrance and the exit to avoid parking in the public area, numerous garden areas, including the roof; car delivery zone inside the first parking basement floor.

This is a sustainable and intelligent development project with an automation and control system that contemplates passive and active energy saving resources: lighting and extraction control, opening and closing façade rolling doors, air conditioning, security and control access, prevention signage, and CCTV - all of them scheduled and synchronized.


Posted by Rose Etherington

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  • jak3m

    that is one hell of a beautiful building. i really like the organic colours.

  • Bozo

    Building sux but those solid/wireframe renders are nice.

  • J

    Terrible facades.

  • (((0)))

    i will keep the furnitures and get rid of the rest…. (my grandma would agree with me)… ;)

  • MAD

    oh my god, this firm is one of the tackiest firms in mexico city, completelly oriented to the new rich houses… i dunno where they got this project from… but really it shows is not their thing to think out of the box… my god, i dont even believe they got published at DEZEEN… i had lost so much respect for this website already….

    seems money moves everything

  • Florian

    It seems like every architect nowadays
    has to populate surfaces with patterns and
    trim holes into it in order to make some
    sort of cultural statement.
    Unfortunately they are often rather literal
    and technique-wise quite clumsy.
    Another of those Examples is the
    recently published Poland Pavillion.

  • mvb

    Toyo Ito was the first. This proyect is a bad copy…

  • Hello to all!, I don´t think this building is related to any conextion to its place. I mean, that`s Mexico and its very easy to be modern and avant gard avoiding any reference to tradition. It could be at any place. I don´t say we have to dress building with folk and chauvinism but I see this building as a fashion victim. I rather work Enrique Nortem and Bernando Gomez Pimienta, it´s more honest, critical and sincere.

  • jaja

    Are you sure that linked webside is realy from the same architect??