Serpentine outdoor shower by Tom de Vrieze


The Serpentine outdoor shower by Belgian designer Tom de Vrieze for Extremis connects directly to a hosepipe and the water is warmed by the sun.

The shower, designed by de Vrieze in 2005, received the New Classics award from German lifestyle magazine Schöner Wohnen at the imm Cologne international design fair this week.

The shower is opened and closed by raising and lowering the lever on the stem (above).

Imm Cologne, Germany, opened on 14 January and runs until 20 January.

The following info about the shower is from Extremis:


Serpentine by Tom De Vrieze

Serpentine is a stainless steel garden shower with an attractive and practical design. Its added value is reflected in the feather light construction which provides very easy mobility in the garden: you really can place the Serpentine shower wherever you want.

A major advantage is the plug and spray feature. No longer any problems with pressure pumps or permanent constructions, just plug in the hose, open the tap and have a shower. Because the hose is exposed to the sun, the water inside the hose and the Serpentine heats up and has a nice temperature.

Form really follows function here as Serpentine’s shape is reduced to pure functionality.


Posted by Rose Etherington

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  • Perfectly sensible.

  • Right.

    For about 30 seconds, until the “nice temperature” water in the hose is out – then you’ve got straight cold water.

  • kur0yi

    i also doubt the warmin up effect, even if the metal should heat up and help warming it a bit. and im unsure if its not going to fall over in and average not perfectly flat garden. but it looks very gentle. i like it.

  • Suzy

    Well, you won’t be using an outdoor shower if it’s cold outside, would you? I used to do this in the summer, but just straight out of the hose. Much more fun when there are other people around…

  • bronxelf

    Though the design is lovely in its simplicity, I have a strong suspicion that the designer didn’t test it. Frankly, there’s no way the water from a garden hose ( even one in the sun)contains enough hot water to last more than a few seconds. After that, unless you really enjoy cold showers, you’re going to be uncomfortable.

  • Jelle

    i think the reason that he made such a wide base and curved the end a bit upwards is because of the balance of the shower. Now the power of the water points down and makes a loop, and i think it won’t fall over…

    and who needs a hot shower when it is hot outside?
    I think it works good just for washing off seesalt, or dust before taking a good dive into the swimming pool…
    and for those moments you work in the garden in 30 degrees celcius in your boxers, this comes in kinda handy..


  • douglas

    i want to make this somehow work in my new bathroom

  • where can you buy this shower in the USA?