Memorial Blocks Berlin by Daniel Clements


Architectural photographer Daniel Clements has won the architecture category of the International Color Awards for photography, with this picture called Memorial Blocks Berlin.

The image, shown uncropped above, is of the Holocaust Memorial, Berlin, designed by Peter Eisenman.

The photograph is part of a series by Clements called Silent Memory, a "lyrical photographic travelogue founded in the frameworks of architecture and fine art in both Eastern Europe and Russia". See the whole series here.

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  • rodger

    wow, how beautifully abstract.

  • Amazing, surreal lighting.

  • Bozo

    Next stop, the gaza wall

  • It’s interesting to see how this photo turns out looking like a beautiful abstract painting…

  • looks surreal.. dangerous and interesting… hope or end? transmits the feeligns of this great memorial place… really nice!


    i disagree. I don’t find is beautiful. I find it eerie, haunting. which is why I think it’s such a successful piece.

  • well done Dan, only just stumbled on this.
    Hope you are doing well pal.