Hamburg Science Centre by OMA


Office for Metropolitan Architecture have unveiled designs for the new Hamburg Science Centre in Germany.

Located at the entrance to the Magdeburger harbour, the centre includes an aquarium, science theatre and exhibition spaces.

Here's some more detailed information from OMA:


Hamburg Science Centre

The complex, comprising of the Science Centre, Aquarium and Science Theatre, is located at the entrance to the Magdeburger harbour and sits at the end point of an urban axis from the inner Alster to the river Elbe. Situated at the waterfront in close proximity to container and cruise ships, the building marks the connection between the harbor and the city.

The Science Centre will become a hub for scientific study in Hamburg and help strengthen the city’s educational profile creating a place for the next generation of scientists to study and share knowledge. Not only will the Science Centre be linked to many other institutes in Hamburg but it will also become the generating force for innovative education and be a cultural highlight in itself.

The Science Centre is constructed of 10 modular blocks that connect to form a ring shaped building. This shape and the maritime power and mass of the individual blocks resemble the character of the historical, urban waterfront development. Therefore, the building is a symbol of Hamburg’s economic strength and a representation of the city’s interest in technology and science.

The exhibition space also works on a modular principle similar to the building. This gives the curators of the space a great deal of freedom and flexibility. A variety of subjects will be able to go on display making the exhibition centre a stage for not only scientific research but also for all aspects of our modern life.

The Science Centre addresses not only environmental issues but also programmatic sustainability.

The function of the ten blocks that make up the building allow for large-scale programmatic changes on a daily basis. The central structure accommodates the vertical circulation whereas the blocks on the west and east side are used as exhibition spaces. The curator is able to generate shortcuts, changes or create connections by means of moveable partitions.

With three terraces surrounding the building the Science Centre allows access to the Hamburg city centre as well as to the West and East sides of the Magdeburg harbor. This three-way axis will link the various parts of the city and bring new life into the HafenCity. It enables direct interaction between visitors and passers-by functioning as an urban stage. Various events taking place on top of the individual plateaus of the building as well as the restaurants on the terrace of the Belle Etage will stimulate activity in the HafenCity.

Images courtesy of the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA)

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  • Jelle

    i wonder where they are going to make a “M” and a “A”

  • aut

    i think this is just the first structure of a three-building-complex….. M and A are still missing in this renderings…

  • razif

    hahaha.. hilarious guys !!

    they decided to have it on some other country.. you know .. trying to create a campaign to an ad.. except building one on someone’s expense ..

    also it reminds me the joke on Chuck and Larry on Ring.. ‘its a complete circle’

  • Martin

    There’s a discussion about OMA’s plan to spell their name in buildings on Archinect:

  • Architecture Nowadays…


    If you could develop the M and the A in a five minute CAD drawing you would be almost as brilliant as god Rem himself.

    But if you want to be gigantic u stretch all your photoshop and cad images in one minute and become the mighty godess Hadid.

    I think my new printer had a cool application to do just that.

  • jp
  • hb

    @ jp:

    the link doesnt work..

  • r.n

    This building looks great!…perfect for its exposed harbour environment and has an interesting pattern of circulation i expect too…loving the droll jokes guys!

  • jp

    @ hb, copy paste the complete part into your browser, the ” ( ” makes that it doesn’t work…

  • Tyler

    I would replace the A with G ;) but for real, I don’t get it, it’s really sick

  • Nuno




    its not that i hate it… but its almost like they’ve either mastered the act of seducing or are maybe they’re really bored.

  • arksome

    mmm each side of the “O” is a bit like Sanaa’s moma extension, like piled up boxes. I don’t feel here any sense to do that…

  • bence

    i think this is only the beginning of a slow approxiamtion to a perfect cicle,….so cctv was the first test and stayed edgy as possible(5members), hamburg floats somewhere inbetween(?? memebers) and i bet the next design, apart from spelling oma or god ….will be a perfect circle

  • fling

    Mmmmm…science centre….
    Truly worthy of Oma Simpson

  • Morais

    Hey REM…hello again
    … and then i thought your building was that with the shape of a ship !!!
    Definitly you´re not as KOOLHAAS you use to be… time to eat a Kit Kat.


    oh!i like

  • gelb

    Rem surely expected reactions like the ‘O’ would mean ‘O’ in OMA in people’s minds. Sir Rem, is that really your goal? Or is it coincidence?

  • andi

    I think bence is right. Since Rem wrote Delirious NY and mentioned that globe with Eiffel Tower feet as a skyscraper he always wanted to bulid such a thing. He did it with cctv, and here he simply took the maritime container theme and merged it into that. And i think he had some continuous circulation theory in his cctv skyscraper that we can find a little bit evolved here.

  • Leon

    Building very much under-goes to a port, it reminds the containers put against each other. The interesting house