Irish Aid Volunteering and Information Centre by Tom de Paor


Architectural photographer Dennis Gilbert has sent us photos of the Irish Aid Volunteering and Information Centre in Dublin, designed by Irish architect Tom de Paor.

The centre, on the ground floor of an office block on O'Connell Street, opened last month.

The centre describes itself as "a state of the art, flexible multi-media exhibition space designed to raise awareness of development issues and the role of Irish Aid in tackling global poverty".

All photos shown here are © Dennis Gilbert and used with permission. For reproduction details, please contact Gilbert or architectural photo library View.

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  • Imran

    i am an interior design student and a regular reader of Dezeen.It was quite shocking for me to see this multi-media space on Dezeen becuase i live in next street to this office and that is the only project i have seen in real life. i pass from this office may be more than 10 times a and it always stops me to have a look, it is really an intersting space on the old O,connell street,it is very very contemprary in design with angled glass walls.

  • Bonzo

    Hey Dezeen – photos are fine, but how about some plans?

  • jim

    Le plan libre unleashed in plasterboard.