OMA in Singapore


Office for Metropolitan Architecture has announced a large residential complex containing over 1,000 apartments in Singapore.

The project will comprise 32 apartment blocks, each six stories tall, stacked in hexagonal arrangements. The announcement follows OMA's appointment last year to design a 36-storey residential tower in Singapore.

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Info on this project from OMA:


OMA reveals design for large-scale residential development in Singapore

(Beijing/Rotterdam, February 01, 2008): CapitaLand Residential, a leading developer in Asia, and its partners have commissioned the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) for a large-scale residential complex in Singapore.

The project will be located on an expansive 8 hectare site bounded by the Ayer Rajah Expressway and Alexandra Road, in a central position between the National University and downtown Singapore. With 170,000 m2 of built floor area, the development will provide over 1,000 apartment units of varying sizes with extensive outdoor spaces and landscaping.

Instead of creating a cluster of isolated, vertical towers – the default typology of residential developments in Singapore – the design explores a dramatically different approach to the issues and challenges of living and social space.

32 apartment blocks, each six-stories tall, are stacked in a hexagonal arrangement to form six large-scale permeable courtyards. The interlocking volumes form the topography of a “vertical village” with cascading sky gardens and private roof terraces vertically extending the landscape of the courtyards. Extensive communal facilities which are embedded in the lush vegetation offer multiple opportunities for social interaction in a natural environment. While maintaining the privacy of the individual apartment units through unobstructed views and generous spacing of the building blocks, the horizontal and interconnected volumes create an explicitly social network of outdoor spaces within the green terrain.

The site completes a green belt that stretches between Kent Ridge, Telok Blangah and Mount Faber Parks, while the stacked volumetric relationship of the apartment blocks extends the landscape and forms a mount/hill that relates to the surrounding topography.

Beyond the extensive presence of nature and collective space, the project will be designed to respond carefully to the tropical climate and address issues of sustainability through incorporating multiple features of energy-saving technologies.

“We are thrilled with the opportunity to create such an innovative project in partnership with OMA. The design expands our progressive ambition and enables us to add a radically new concept to environmentally-conscious living in Singapore” says CapitaLand Residential Singapore Chief Executive Officer, Patricia Chia.

“This project directly addresses concerns of shared space and community in a contemporary society” says Ole Scheeren, Partner of OMA and designer of the project. "It simultaneously responds to issues of privacy and individuality as well as to social and communal needs by offering multiple types of indoor and outdoor spaces specific to the tropical context”.

The project is lead by Ole Scheeren, Director of OMA Beijing, together with Eric Chang, Associate. Ole Scheeren is responsible for the office’s work across Asia, including the 575,000 m2 CCTV headquarters and TVCC cultural center currently under construction in Beijing, and The Scotts Tower in Singapore. Previous work includes the Prada epicenter stores in New York and Los Angeles.

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  • fvale

    no more pics ? those two are identical…hmmm…i wish we could see the plans but i guess they aren’t made yet ahah :D

  • fran

    bueno… Koolhaas hablaba de una modernidad superada y de Dubai, y del logro aún mayor que la modernidad que había logrado el desarrollo en los Emiratos Arabes; pero realmente estos paralelepípedos alargados no son similares a la ciudad horizontal de LeCorbusier, o su famosa unidad de habitación? Siempre la negación tienen más cosas en común con su opuesto que los parecidos.

    Bien dice este dicho local… El pez muere por la boca. Diseñar esto despues de dichas declaraciones; vaya desfachatez.

  • mekaratta

    Very chic slum

  • 50cent


  • pop

    architects of the dictator… mmm… or..the dictator architects

  • Kuba

    Bijlmer all over again. Get out soon Rem and don’t let this OMA junk tarnish your legacy.

  • ulrich

    hmh … they look really cheap …

  • bald skull

    blocks blocks blocks. the last couple projects are just large blocks stacked on top of each other.

    “the design explores a dramatically different approach to the issues and challenges of living and social space.”

    sorry, nothing dramatic here guys.

    where’s the inspiration or excitement for these design coming from? i’m bored.

  • tim

    chic slum describes most of koolhaas’ work, and I don’t mean mean that negatively.

  • frank

    I’m really sorry
    but what is chic slum?

  • gaque

    wow, are they serious? all of oma’s projects lately are awfully ridiculous. the firm has a great capacity for research, everyone knows that–but are we actually just fooled by their interesting writing?

  • charles

    yeah, whats a chic slum?

  • uki

    If it would not be OMA, you would not call it chic

  • timo maas

    blockhouse on blockhouse on blockhouse

  • TheArchitect

    awsome. distorted Bijlmermeer

  • roadkill
  • tim

    aww come one, MVRDV can do chic slum too! ;)

  • kurosheep

    Time to dig up those books from the 60s, boys and girls. Koolhaas will write about the Japanese Metabolists next.

  • Architecture Nowadays…

    The great new forms of living badly?

  • seagrut

    It is not the shape of a residential complex that turns it into a slum, it is its insertion into the urban context plus the range of amenities and activities present that turn a neighbourhood into a succes or not. You are all just commenting a shape that you have not even looked at too well i must say… has any of you thought of what these buildings would like like from the ground?? and would you still call them Bijlmer then? not even remotely!

  • LH

    can any of you imagine living in it?


    Seagrut seems to know a lot!

  • Arch

    Singapore is smart, they are hiring OMA and Hadid. They know how to invest!

  • james

    Have you seen the client “CapitaLand”, probably some 1000 new phsycological depressing apartments on the earth. When will post-modernism learn? if its keeps referring to Modernism and even doesen’t learn from the mistakes.

  • W.B.

    How many ways can OMA arrange boxes before it gets old?

  • RTA


  • O+O_S1

    what i’ve seen here are a bunch of container vans, WTH…this project may only good in narrative promotion…you cannot fool people who understand what designs really means, i mean really good design!!!

  • Eli

    That's an interesting concept.
    But I think that in the middle of the complex is the lack of light –
    little daylight its a minus..

  • Eli

    just no much light inside complex