Revelation by Karim Rashid for Bombay Sapphire


Designer Karim Rashid has designed a collection of five spirit bottles for Bombay Sapphire in conjunction with jewellers Garrard and crystal brand Baccarat.

Called Revelation, the bottles are made of hand-cut crystal and decorated with sapphires and diamonds. They cost $200,000 each.

Here's the info from Bombay Sapphire:



London, UK/ 7 February 2008 – Bombay Sapphire tonight unveiled Revelation, the first of a five piece collection of handmade crystal bottles individually decorated with sapphires and diamonds. Inspired by Bombay Sapphire, three leading names in luxury and design - Garrard, Baccarat and Karim Rashid – collaborated to create the Revelation crystal bottles, priced at US$200,000 each.

Revelation was launched at Garrard in Mayfair, London, where to celebrate the event one lucky guest walked away with the ultimate Bombay Sapphire accessory, a stunning sapphire necklace.

Created by one of the hottest designers in the world today, Karim Rashid, each of the five Revelation bottles has been handcrafted in France by Baccarat, the pre-eminent creator of the world’s finest luxury crystal. The bottle has been cut into the shape of a giant gemstone with 10 principal facets, representing the 10 botanical ingredients used to create the complex and refined taste of Bombay Sapphire. Each Revelation bottle is truly unique with its own individually designed stopper decorated with sapphires and diamonds set by the oldest jewellery house in the world, Garrard.

Reflecting the global popularity of Bombay Sapphire, the limited edition Revelation bottles will be launched at five major international airport locations – starting with London Heathrow airport on March 27th, to coincide with the opening of the new terminal five and subsequently New York, Dubai, Singapore and Sydney. One Revelation bottle will be exhibited at each of the five international airports for two to three months before being securely transported to its new owner anywhere in the world.

Recognised around the world for its striking translucent blue bottle, Bombay Sapphire has showcased the world’s finest glass creations for the last 20 years. The Bombay Sapphire Prize is the world’s biggest annual glass award and the Bombay Sapphire Designer Glass Competition is one of the top design contests for emerging designers.

Profits from Revelation will benefit the travel retail industry’s chosen charity, The Smile Train, which provides life-enhancing cleft surgery to children in poor countries.

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  • m

    What a joke!
    The price of one of these ugly and clumsy, victorian looking bottles could cure a whole african city from malaria.
    Karim Rashid innovative? Far from it.
    Dezeen, don’t lower your standards to this kind os commercial shite!

  • chili

    say what?!?!?!?!?!?!
    say yeeaaaahhhh!!!!

  • togon

    inverted diamond?

  • This is industrial design!

  • dave

    Looks very “bollywood” and not so “chic” but then again it is Karim

  • Nuno

    Thanks for the censorship. Karim appreciattes it! :)

  • themark

    At least it’s not pink or acid green… and devoid of morphy swoops

  • fling

    Foolish Oligarch baiting tat.

  • Billy

    Spunik Vodka did something like this last yr- hand blown bottle with gold leaf etc for ‘just’ 5 grand.

  • dodododood

    shut up this is a great desing yeah its a lot of money but
    they work hard for making it and creating it so they can ask
    for 10 pounds becase it is imposible a dimong and crystals cost
    that amount but i would use that money in other thinks like
    a jewell u can use jajaja were the hell are u gona use this once a year so it falls and u die

  • Sarbira

    in response to “m”‘s comment. instead of putting down a commercial product and proclaiming your concern for africa, how about appreciate the fact that this product actually does have money going to charity. not many luxury products out there are so considerate..200’00 is alot for a bottle..but so are other things.