4:Secs condoms by ...XYZ


Design Indaba 08: South African industrial design firm ...XYZ has relaunched its condom applicator with new packaging and a new brand name, 4:Secs. Update: this project is included in Dezeen Book of Ideas, which is on sale now for £12.

The product, which allows a condom to be put on quickly and easily thus helping prevent the spread of AIDS, was unveiled at Design Indaba Expo in Cape Town this week.

The condoms were previously branded Pronto and at last year's Design Indaba Expo were named the Most Beautiful Object in South Africa.

See a demonstration movie here. More info and pictures in our story from last year.

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  • Arch

    The picture on top could be deadly. You shouldn’t use condoms while driving.

  • Why Arch, that sounds as though you’re advocating UNsafe sex while driving! Even MORE lethal potential.

  • Arch

    yeah i said it so wrongly, what i’m trying to say is ‘don’t fuck while driving’.

  • Take it easy Arch, nothing is done yet! Besides, they may just sit in this car, stopped in the middle of a windy plane. ^_^

  • Arch



  • Sara Makki

    lol to all the above