Rossio railway station by Broadway Malyan


Architects Broadway Malyan have completed the renovation of Rossio railway station in Lisbon, Portugal.

The project connects the platforms of the nineteenth-century station to the city's metro system.

Here's a little bit of text from the architects:


In neo-manueline style, the Rossio railway station is an outstanding building set between Rossio Square and Restauradores Square and was designed by the architect José Luís Monteiro. The eight doors match the nine palatial windows and the incredibly decorated clock tower located on the top of the facade.

Rossio station is a curiosity in that the platforms are some 30 metres above the main entrance. Services from here are all suburban trains to the tourist sights of Sintra via Queluz.

Built in 1886/87, this station has been recently renovated. The boarding platform is now connected to the Metro Station, though this is with the nearest Metro station at Restauradores, (not with Rossio Metro).

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  • great work! strange art on the walls


    Lindo! Ficou muito bonito e Lisboa merece uma renovação deste tipo!

  • kur0yi


  • Nuno

    Strange? Those are waves… and there isn’t any country on the world that knows more about sea waves than Portugal! :D

  • Bozo

    Love it

  • Anica

    Very beautifully juxtapositioned….the sense of modern intervention in a heritage building….sleek and subtle… nice illusions.

  • nusret ercan

    ı want to look your website evey time. thanks

  • edward

    Superb job of integrating modern facility in period shell. With 3 escalators, at least one should always be running. Otherwise…;-)