Twin Houses by Terry Pawson Architects


Terry Pawson Architects have won approval to build two private houses in a conservation area at Kingston Upon Thames near London.

Here's a press release detailing a typically English planning battle:



Twin Houses, Kingston upon Thames wins approval

Terry Pawson Architects has received planning permission for a development of 2 new private houses in the Coombe Hill Conservation Area of Kingston upon Thames.

The practice was granted planning permission following appeal after the scheme for Q Developments was refused planning permission last summer, despite positive feedback from the Kingston Design Review Panel.

The new development is sited on the plot of an existing private house dating from the 1950s. Two new interlocking houses, each with its own central courtyard, have been sited around a number of mature trees already on the site, creating a carefully designed composition within the verdant character of the area.

The 6000 sqft houses are designed to symmetrically reflect one another and are slightly staggered on the gradient of the site. Internally, rooms are positioned around a central courtyard which brings light to the lower ground floor. The ground floor is devoted to family life and entertainment, private bedrooms are located on the first floor and guest bedrooms in the lower ground floor facing into the courtyard.

Planning permission was originally refused on the basis of the building’s incongruous appearance, mass and bulk in relation to the surrounding conservation area. The scheme has been strongly supported by the Kingston Design Review Panel who said:

“We find the concept, to insert two brilliantly conceived modernist houses into mature landscape adds something to the character of diverse building styles and different appeals found in the Conservation Area. We thought the proposal suggests a site spacing hierarchy that both retains the feeling of spaciousness in the area and within the site around the houses. We feel the buildings have a coherence and elegance that route deeply into the landscape and enhances the character of the Conservation Area. We see no ill, aesthetic effect on the neighbouring houses, nor any overlooking issue.”

Terry Pawson Architects are delighted with the final outcome. The development is scheduled to go on site summer 2008.

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  • superfly

  • Evie


  • alice

    the form of the houses reminds me of the Herringbone Houses release. I believe they were outskirts of London as well. I can only presume they’ll look as beautiful.

  • A wonderful project.

  • T Roi

    As a former resident of the area, I understand the local consternation. However, London and environs needs to divest itself of its love affair with quaintness.

  • Mekaratta

    Yeah very beautyful
    but so boring…
    Actaully, I love this kind of architecture but should we promote sth challenge 0r, at least, new in Dezeen?
    I saw a thousand projects like this happened everywhere arond the world,
    Let’s Pawson and Silverstrin do thier jobs.

  • Absolutely love it Terry!

  • fvale

    whats all the fuss around this project ? i don’t get it..

  • simple geometricl, clean, easy house. Doesn’t seem to have too many bonus features or a conceptual approach.. But it’s nice and serene.. Nice. :)

  • jhad sati

    love it ……it’s beautiful

  • simple geometricl, clean, easy house. Doesn’t seem to have too many bonus features or a conceptual approach.. But it’s nice and serene.. Nice. :)