Skew bookcase by Smånsk



Stockholm Design Week: Swedish designers Smånsk showed a prototype of their Skew bookcase at the Greenhouse young designers showcase at the Stockholm Furniture Fair last month.


The bookcase consists of identical modular components that are stacked facing alternate directions to create sloping shelves.


Smånsk are currently seeking an appropriate manufacturer for the design.

Here's some information from the designers:


Skew Bookcase

Sloping shelves mean you do not have to arrange the shelves in various heights as with ordinary bookcases. There are room for binders at the high end of each shelve and pocket books at the low end.


All parts of the bookcase are identical. To assemble it you just rotate the parts and place them on top of each other. The identical parts provides easy manufacturing as well.


Photographs by Carl Kleiner

Set design by Fredrik Evensen.

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  • Please show up at Ikea.
    Please show up at Ikea.
    Please show up at Ikea.
    Please show up at Ikea.
    Please show up at Ikea.

  • nice. no need for bookends.

  • zuy

    Karim , this sweedish guy must be green in greenhouse and he used pink color…and a danish lego to make a bookcase , is that globalisation ?

  • Looks like something coming out from IKEA. Not sure if many of you realized, but it seems that we have reached one phase where the only way to design bookcases is to ‘deconstruct’ or ‘deform’ them.

    Consider the other examples I’ve seen so far (and I’m sure there are many more out there):

  • zuy

    Stan, you’re right stan there are a lot of examples …of ‘deconstruct’ or ‘deform’ bookcases … Now computer designs by himself
    In fact the bookcase
    is horizontaly a vase for Normann Copenhagen, so it’s a general process in creation, in design, in architecture…

  • zuy

    see this one ….disaster in design? humor in design? computer design?

  • zuy

    crashed, fractured, broken design are design trends initiated by dutch design and now in Paris, NYC, LA, Miami, Milan…
    Laviani said: now almost any young italian designer is a dutch designer…
    …. and i know than Italy is looking for an identity against emerging countries (BRIC)with Future design Lab in Milan !!!!

  • vince

    I want one


    very nice and usefull

  • zuy

    why, vince?

  • tiphaine delahaye

    what’s the price? please.
    thank you!!

  • what´s the price??? i like know too.
    please is for a essay.
    thank you!!!