Fiela Feather Lights by Haldane Martin



Design Indaba 08: South African designer Haldane Martin showed two lamps with ostrich-feather shades at the Design Indaba Expo in Cape Town last month.


Fiela Feather Arc Light (top two images) is a freestanding lamp while Fiela Feather Chandelier (below) is, you guessed it, a chandelier.


Martin explains: "Fiela Feather Lights are named after Dalene Mathews book 'Fiela se Kind'.This heart warming South African story is set in Oudtshoorn, the same ostrich farming district where the sort white feathers that form the spherical diffuser are sourced from."


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  • Nuno


  • malique

    these are awesome! but very decadent looking. i can’t stop to think about moulin rouge!

  • zuy

    lido light, always in the white trend…( see in a lot of japonese designers installations in previous posts )!!!! French designer matujewski(polish as japonese are difficult to write ) used too a lot of feather shades …

  • zuy

    Haldane Martin explains his design and south african design context in 3 videoson his web site , see the first one:

  • The overall form of this lamp doesn’t look too enticing. But you’ve got to give credit to Martin for experimenting with unconventional materials.

  • zuy

    “for experimenting with unconventional materials”?
    I found 224 000 google images of lamps using with this type of material …

  • So we can’t give him any credit at all then? Ha…

  • Ben

    Very haptic design by Kenya Hara, only perhaps not as well resolved. See Kami Tama by Kosuke Tsumura, lanterns and hair implants.

  • zuy

    see the work of french designer matejewski

  • Roberto

    Zuy and Stan, can’t you just have an opinion without judgment….. This project is about poetry and beauty… Well done Martin

  • Tyler

    ick. I bet they’re a pain to clean.

  • Roberto, I’m not being judgmental. I’m just voicing out my (and no one else) opinions. No offense intended at all.

  • zuy

    The works of Haldane Martin could not reduce to this ostrich-feather shade… as Starck is not only kitch stools…or gun lamps.
    Here he is following the major art design dutch trend…but he has his ownvocabulary on the other projects….
    Haldane Martin explains his design and south african design in 3 videos on his web site , see the first one:

  • Arch

    this project is about style.

  • unpopular

    arco lamp in feathers… whoohoo how original and so african… not!

  • zuy

    i’m sorry but style is not design…

  • Jessica

    I love this lamp, where or how can i get it. Thanks