Tesla by Henrik Schulz



Swedish designer Henrik Schulz has designed a new task light for Swedish company Ateljé Lyktan.


Called Tesla, the lamp has a magnetic base and uses LEDs.


"It's an energy effcient task lamp with modern LED technique," Schulz tells us. "The unique magnet foot along with the technique and the design makes Tesla, I think, one of the most fascinating and bold innovations within the lighting area. The newly developed LED technique provides a comfortable warm white light as well as an impressive lifespan."

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  • francesco
  • K. Rimane

    an Artemide Itis copy? not too much imagination put into this project. I prefer the Itis.

  • Itis is from far more elegant and lighter, we are probably missing something else about this lamp, more information abou how it works and what makes it so special is welcome…

  • Guido
  • Alexandre

    Cmon, guys! It’s such a frustrating thing to read things like these critiques… Now any lamp with two discs and a straight support is like Itis??? I’ve got nothing to do with the designer himself, but would feel really bad if what I came up with would be criticised for its likness with something else. Imagine the guys designing and drafting and then he remembers “Oh no, it’s just like Itis!!! Damn, I can’t do that no more! Gotta use a square instead of the circle at least…”
    If you just wanna show that you got to know the Itis, alright, but put yourselves in the designers shoes when you criticise like that…

  • ambroise

    Anyway, it looks the same….

  • B.Lo

    Naoto Fukasawa did a much better job I agree.
    Now the base of this model has a very small foot print.
    Is it mounted? because the weight of the lamp would make the whole unit collapse.
    But I agree, this lamp is butt ugly, not worthy of posting at all.
    it’s like some bad OEM knock off.

  • Loy

    B.Lo and jckarich

    You should read the text:

    “…the lamp has a magnetic base…”

    “…The unique magnet foot…”

    My complaint is that they have edited the images in PS so that there is no cord. That is cheating!