Crushed Bowls by Julien de Smedt



Architect Julien de Smedt has designed two bone china bowls for Danish brand Muuto.


Crushed Bowls are composed of equilateral triangles and are designed using the same computer modelling processes de Smedt uses to generate large-scale architectural projects.


The bowls come in large (above) and small (below) versions.


Here's some info from Muuto:


CRUSHED BOWLS - Bowl - by Julien de Smedt

MATERIAL: Handmade fine bone china
COLOUR: White - unglazed and hand polished outside, glazed inside
DIMENSIONS: Large version: ø 29 cm, Height 16 cm; Small version: ø 16,5 cm, Height 14 cm

JULIEN DE SMEDT ON THE DESIGN: The Crushed Bowls show big-scale architecture applied on small scale objects. The bowls are composed of equilateral triangles and principles we use for big-scale computer modeling. Adding human ergonomics and aesthetics to the equation we have derived a series of vessels that are carefully crushed for everyday use.

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  • Vince B

    Love it!!!!

  • kakna

    this shows a good architect isn’t automatically a good designer… and I’d like to see the size of the kitchen cupboards able to accomodate several of these things :)

  • greg

    Nice job, but i think the facette thing is well exhausted buy now to be of any originality.

  • greg

    even Habitat (late adopters) have finally gone this way :

  • Ian

    honestly though, if you are paying 200 dollar for a bowl, kitchen cabinet size may not be one of your concerns.

  • liberty

    these are beautiful.

  • …. the whole facet thing persists.

    I’m curious to know what the next look will be?

    The super smooth cnc curve forms looked to 90’s
    The facets dominate the 2000’s (alas poor gerkhin)

    – will hand made surfaces resurface next? …. fabrics?…

  • excelllent, this artist has surpassed all boundaries of knowledge

  • Sean Stuart

    youre forgetting to even mention the designer who had a HUGE part in this, and probably the main designer, Maria Ljungsten

  • rubi

    well,i got one ,really nice but expensive
    simply lv it