Jaime Hayón shoes for Camper



Spanish designer Jaime Hayón has created a new collection of shoes for footwear brand Camper.


Available in four colours, the shoes combine influences from English bespoke footwear, from dance shoes, and from Camper's "sporty" injection-moulded soles.


Photos are by Nienke Klunder. Here's some information about the shoes from Hayón:


Camper Together with Jaime Hayon
New Shoe Collection Spring/Summer 08

Camper takes the new Together concept over to shoes. They are presented for the first time with a design made together with Jaime Hayon. The creator from Madrid, who is a great lover of the classic shoe, wanted to include in his proposal good materials and the quality of the traditional English shoe with the aesthetic and character of those produced by the Majorcan firm.


The added feature of sole injection that is so representative of Camper gives the shoe a more sporty form. Everything else holds Hayon’s unmistakable stamp: "I wanted to find a form that stylized the foot, like the tap dancing shoes. I have always liked the character of dance shoes because they remind me of a music-hall”.

The presentation of this new design by Hayon also comes with a lot of colour: “The women’s shoe is a constant inspiration, contrary to those for men that aren’t as exciting. I wanted to make a simple shoe but one that had character, in solid colours but that were special enough to give identity to a way of dressing. If for me, and also for many others, glasses are important in creating the personality of a person I think that shoes should be so too”.

Hayon defines his design as a sporty shoe with a touch of elegance, or vice versa, that hides some surprises that make it all the more special, like the feel of the laces or the linen interior and that combines the most characteristic codes of his work as an artist and designer: the fusion of styles, soft and organic forms, the mix of materials and the quality of its manufacturing.

At present Hayon works out of London and has projects in different parts of the world. He continues to exhibit his most personal work in art galleries and keeps alive the relationship he initiated with Camper in 2006, when the concept Together was inaugurated in their stores. The stores in London (Foubert’s Place), Barcelona (Paseo de Gracia), Palma de Majorca (San Miguel), Paris (Cherche Midi) and Milan (Montenapoleone) all hold his unmistakable signature.

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  • Schteev

    Where and when can I get these shoes?


  • asako yanabe

    this are so nice shoes ..good for camper !
    .. love dezeen big japan fan ..

  • They remind me of an updated version of Capezios, circa 1985 or so. (That’s not a criticism- they were very popular.)

  • F

    camper soles terrible –
    made for flat feet –
    no no .

  • i want them so much!!!

  • Billy

    Awful. Just add piani tie.

  • abc

    relly beautiful, but too much repetto-

  • joy lizer

    i agree with horst ! love them ! i saw them in milan
    they are fun and carry so much style …. can we see more picts !?

    bravo ! i wish camper will make more shoes like this ones .
    by the way camper soles are great , i love the fusion in between
    a classic shoe and a technical sole .
    when can we buy them ? need one pair now !!!

  • tab

    Nice design, nice colors but too bloody pointy. These are following this skinny jeans trend, which looks awful !!! In a year they will look off trend.
    Let’s see what Haberli will do for Camper! Can wait!

  • tommi

    £ ?

  • Scott

    € ?

  • JuiceMajor²

    Lace-up shoes is so in right now. And yes what's the $$$…

  • Mickey

    They just got these in NYC last week. They only received 26 pairs (total) and in only 3 colors (black, white & blue).

    They said they aren’t doing the red & green ones AND they are only making this batch so this is IT. Get them while you can.

    The US price is $280.

  • I really like the look of these shoes, they would be perfect for a dance we are doing. They look like they would really work as dance shoes.

  • vuva

    love those shoes I know the design is two years old.are they still available

  • Are these good for jazz dance? THEY'RE BEAUTIFUL!