Banksy on Essex Road



Street artist Banksy has painted a mural on Essex Road, London, depicting two young children saluting while another child raises a Tesco carrier bag on a flagpole.


Banksy's preparatory Sketch for Essex Road (shown top) sold for £195,000 last month, at the artbid4ken auction to raise money for London mayor Ken Livingstone's re-election campaign.




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  • It looks incredible.

  • I adore Banksy’s work. Yet another piece which captures the culture of Britain with tongue cemented firmly into cheek. Love it.

  • tommi

    so true ..

  • Tyler

    Long live Tesco.

  • wahhton

    to me he is one of the best artist of this decade, i almost love ever piece of his.

    right on banksy
    wahhton, nicaragua

  • dna

    what’s even more incredible is that people are lining up to have their photo taken saluting the trademark bag!

  • DJ

    looks wack

  • Joseph

    just what tesco needs – more advertising

  • In Tesco we trust.

  • tom

    Joseph… for God sake… it’s not about advertising Tesco… can you understand BANKSY work? The message is not about Tesco. Is much more than that.

    Banksy messages’ are too real, too simple and too true…
    I’ve no words to say how much i adore his work.
    Wish i could afford a sketch of his art…

    I hope no-one touchs (remove) the wall. He’s a street artist. Please leave it as it is.

  • hamilton

    i would venture to guess there was some sarcasm in Joseph’s post, tom.

  • F

    excellent – now I have a reason to shop in Tesco – and get inspired…

  • pretty cool as theres been tesco’s oppening up all over the place round this area with about 2 in the last month!

  • tom

    maybe i got it too literally (although i don’t think so).
    well… whatever…

  • Joseph

    every little helps?

  • easy tomtom.. its just paint on a wall.. haha.. just kidding .. banksy is a true artist through and through… not sure i love the whole selling of his walls idea.. but nevertheless.. one talented cat!

  • Rory

    Boring…. next

  • Gitta

    I think Banksy is totally overrated and the fuss created around him and his work is just your typical capitalist art craze. The ironic branding theme is very apt. I also really hate what has been done to the graffiti. First someone covered it with Perspex and then probably thought that this would be a bit naff. So instead they have covered it now in clear lacquer, which gives the wall that lovely treacly discolouration and sheen. Very street!

  • Helena

    I love his work. I find it really speaks about modern urban life…

  • tom

    ok Joseph… you really make me laugh now…
    of course every little helps…

  • Cat

    I think now Banksy has become as big as he is, his work is starting to lose meaning. having the walls ripped down and sold for thousands goes against everything his graffiti was about in the first place. I love it just as much as the next person but I wish everyone would stop goin on about it. I work in Shoredich and one of his murals has been covered up to protect it so I can’t even enjoy it for what it is anymore!

  • madolli97

    please leave banksy’s on the street, it’s public art and should stay thay way I miss John clesse on St Johns street it always made me laugh on my way to Tesco’s!!!!

  • si

    random thought iv just had..these kids hes stenciled… they dont look very modern n applicable to everyday life. is tht on purpose? i dont think we`ve seen any little girls looking like tht since the 60`s surely? im sure it probably to give tht sort of poster look to his work but does anyone think it might be more applicable if the kids were just regular kids we see running around london swearing at adults eating mc donalds lol.. just a thought.