Houses in Cyprus by Iosa Ghini Associati



Italian architects Iosa Ghini Associati have designed four houses for a new residential district near Nicosia, Cyprus.


The family houses, to be built by developer Full Circle, incorporate solar panels and rainwater recycling.


The following text is from Iosa Ghini Associati:


The project started with the aim of creating a new residential area alongside Pedieos river, near Nicosia, Cyprus. The Client, Full Circle Dv Ltd, wanted to realize four one-family luxury houses shaped in an organic, fluid form. Iosa Ghini designed the four units in a whole overall organism hosting four units each one keeping its own morphological features.


Eco-technologies both passive and active have a basic relevance in this project: low E glass panels, adjustable solar panels, recovery and recycling of rain waters, storage heating system for winter months. All external walls are treated with photo catalytic concrete, allowing the transformation of harmful organic and inorganic matters into harmless compounds. The outside shell, both organic and fluid, grants the harmonic fusion between traditional and contemporary materials as the local stone.


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  • MW

    Hmm.. It seem’s to me like a ripoff of Casa PR34 in Mexico City by Rojkind Architectos. Maybe it’s just a coincidence though?

  • I thought exactly the same thing when I saw the first render! Total rip-off!! Too similar to be coincidental… >:-(

  • Nice project, tought.

  • roadkill

    Yes… just what the doctor ordered! Lots of glass and metal panel cladding… it is as context conscious as you’ll ever get! Now where in northern Europe is Cyprus?

  • Bonzo

    Wow! Naff…

  • (((0)))

    Some sad italians are discovering the architecture of the nineties… I wander what’s going to happen when they’ll discover dutch architecture or worst.. Zaha Hadid! Please do not let them to invade dezeen!

  • loretta

    i don’t like the feeling of it

  • Gus

    There´s a context…the entrance door…



  • ambroise

    This “iosa ghini curve” just tired me.
    20 years with the same radius…..

  • Vla

    It must’ve been Neil Denari who first fell into rounded smooth corners, I think…
    The stone porch/doorway is terrible, I must admit.

  • joaquin

    True, the stone porch/doorway is so alien! Anyway, the sketch is the worst among all. And I do agree it’s a rip-off of Rojkind’s red house.

  • joaquin

    Kinda make me wonder what standard Dezeen base on considering to publish some projects.

  • Cyprus is located in the eastern part of the Meditterenean Sea, southeast Europe

  • roadkill

    hey constantinos… it was a joke…. i was refering to the lack of contextual design….

  • punymeier

    since when is context a concern?

  • Ba00el

    coooooooool then new clssicism

  • Franky

    over and over…

  • Brian

    Wayyyyy too much concrete skirting!

  • Brian

    Actually, contextually, the use of the slate/flagstone surrounds on the entranceway …is correct. But It would be great if it continued in the building… UHHHH

  • ece

    Context has been a concern, well, since forever.

    Especially since one is designing what what looks to be an environmentally conscious dwelling with tons of glass in a very sunny and very hot climate. (“storage heating system for winter months” ?! As if that is a concern. How about cooling in the summer??)

    And the “effort” to make these houses “environmentally friendly” using expensive high-tech materials…!

  • nilo

    The sad (((0))) should study the Italian design of the beginning of the 80ies before considering copies the curves of Iosa Ghini, did you ever heard about Memphis, Bolisism, etc etc??

    Ambroise can be tired of them but these curves were born before discovering the Dutch architecture.

  • Excelente!

  • marios
  • leandro locsin

    WHAT on God’s green earth is that balinese entryway doing on a folding, coiling maillart language !!!!?! ?

    OH MAN!

  • The door entrance does seem to fit and i believe an an architect my self that there is too much unprotected glass surfaces. Extensive glass surfaces need external shading if not …. put tomatoes,they will ripe in one day!

  • I need to correct my previous comment…the entrance does not seem to fit….

  • Panos

    Yeap, all these class walls will be problematic with the Cyprus weather conditions… all these eco-technologies and the new materials sound funky but what about cooling the interiors during the summer months…. when the temperature rises up to 40+ Celsius!