Meta launch in Milan



Milan 08: new homeware brand Meta will launch in Milan next week by exhibiting new work from Asymptote, Barber Osgerby, Tord Boontje, Matali Crasset and Wales and Wales in Zona Tortona.


Meta is a company started by London antique house Mallet, and aims to provide designers with access to highly skilled craftsmen and high quality materials. Top image: Cupola reading table by Barber Osgerby. Above: Cidade table by Barber Osgerby


Above: Tula table by Asymptote

The following information is from Meta:


Meta– A Unique Collection of Objects and Furniture created by Leading Designers and Master Artisans – to debut in Zona Tortona for the Salone Del Mobile 2008

The European launch of a new company, at the Salone Del Mobile 2008 celebrates the culmination of three years of intensive preparation. Meta enables unique collaborations between select designers, the best of master-craftsmen and unsurpassed materials. Every element in the creation of a object is proof of respect for skills and pursuit of uncompromising quality. The result is a collection of objects and furniture of exemplary quality created from covetable, fine and frequently rare materials.


Each Meta designer has been given access to an encyclopaedic range of materials, methods of making and knowledge of archetypal form.The designers have worked with expert artisans who have applied their skills and know-how to realise each designer’s vision.

Without this partnership of designer, maker and materials none of the objects would have been possible.


Meta is the antithesis of machine-age production. As each Meta object is touched, opened and used, it reveals more of the story of its making. Layers of detail in each object give satisfaction to all the senses.


The designers launching pieces in Milan are:

  • Asymptote: two objects that gather and contain
  • Barber Osgerby: two objects that are singular and celebratory
  • Tord Boontje: an object that conceals and reveals
  • Matali Crasset: an object that illuminates
  • Wales and Wales: an object for creation and contemplation

Meta is the genesis of Mallet of Bond Street, London, one of the world’s pre-eminent antique houses.The creative ambition of the Meta collection has been enriched by Mallett’s outstanding knowledge of the materials and techniques used in the best of 18th century furniture and decorative arts. The new collection brings the language of the vanishing arts to the vocabulary of designers working with a 21st century vision.

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  • leandro locsin

    oh man! im in awe, these are really highly-skilled people. execution are flawless. you can really see a lot of knowledge behind the making.

    what asymptote did is like a sensous fold of FOA’s yokohama tectonics.

  • K. Rimane

    very nice. love the coffee table and the vases. very impressive work.

  • v myers

    I want to congratulate Kathryn Udechuku-Smith for writing all the amazing texts and histories of the Meta objects. Kathryn is an incredible talent and made a huge contribution to the collection. I know she is working on other projects now but everyone who sees these objects should know that Kathryn was the real intellect behind the expression of the collection. By the way, if you want a great writer and incredibly clever mind to work on your creative direction, you should contact her on

  • robbie macmillan

    I’ve worked with Kathryn before – she is fantastic! Endless creative ideas and always works above and beyond any expectation. Can’t recommend her highly enough. She can turn her mind to absolutely anything and always produces more than you could ever hope for. RObbie

  • robbie macmillan

    Kathryn Udechuku-Smith is amazing to work with. I’ve never worked with anyone with more ideas and invention – and she really comes through every time.

  • xtiaan

    robbie is hot for kathryn methinks

  • robbie macmillan

    Well…. she is pretty fabulous!

  • Ishmael

    Cool installation. Hear it was another of the Aussie women, Jules Wright at the Wapping Project in London. Good stuff.

  • Immymimmy

    I want to know more about the philosophy of the designers. What was Tord thinking about? It’s the best piece he has ever done but I don’t know if he really got into the whole idea of clothing and art history. Also, who made the design come to life? There must have been an amazing project manager. Same with Asymptote. What is behind the ideas of the table? I am writing a PhD on contemporary vs antique art and would like to know more if you can help. Maybe I am out of Mallett’s depth, but if you can direct me to someone who can help I would appreciate it. I think the piece by Barber Osgerby is interesting too – but I want to know more about the collaboration with Venini. The Wales table is sleek – but how does this connect to the Mallett history? All good – but I want to know more and all the press coverage is superficial. Thanks for help in advance. By the way – I thought that whoever put the exhibition together did a good job. It was ethereal and evocative. Didn’t upstage the objects, but gave a context. Are we going to see more of Asympotote?