Arne Quinze at Galerie Pierre Bergé & Associés



Belgian designer Arne Quinze has completed an installation on the facade of La Galerie de Pierre Bergé & Associés in Brussels, as part of an exhibition of his work that opened yesterday.


The show is the first to be held in the new gallery.


Read more Dezeen stories about Arne Quinze here. Photos are by Pieterjan Mattan, assistant Arne Quinze.


More info from Studio Arne Quinze:



Pierre Bergé & associés is hitting the headlines once again in Brussels with the opening of a new space: “La Galerie de Pierre Bergé & associés ”uniquely dedicated to Contemporary Design and American vintage; it will open its doors on 17th April with an exhibition of original pieces by the talented Belgian designer, Arne Quinze.


Established in the heart of the Sablon area in Brussels since June 2006, Pierre Bergé & associés is embarking upon a new project by dedicating its space to the creation of a new gallery devoted to Design. After having developed major sales in this domain and created a reputation as the leading auction room in Belgium, Pierre Bergé & associés is focusing its new gallery on the world of contemporary design and American vintage.


With a surface area measuring 200 m2, white walls and a mottled grey floor, the gallery will welcome several of the most popular designers once a year. They will create original pieces especially for the exhibition dedicated to their work. These unique and numbered pieces will be presented and sold exclusively at the gallery. La Galerie de Pierre Bergé & associés will also specialise in American vintage from 1910 to 1970.


The exhibitions will explore the work of an artist or shed light on a specific theme. They will all be accompanied by a monographic catalogue, at the price shown on the label, which will be sent to collectors before the inauguration of the event.


A website will also be created with the possibility of making online purchases. Parallel to its design gallery and auctions, Pierre Bergé & associés will initiate a design prize this year: the Skieven prize will be awarded to young designers. These first-year students from design schools will present pieces that have never been shown. This prize will be awarded for the first time in the second half of 2008.

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  • Arch

    good advertising!

  • Jelle

    I liked the wooden structure as an outdoor installation, but it looses its credibility by attaching it to a building..

    not very pleased to be honest.

  • Philippe

    wazzup with Quinze building these wacky things on buildings?!?!

  • K. Rimane

    very cool, orange is old go well together.

  • K. Rimane

    orange and old that is

  • Bonzo

    looks a bit rubbish

  • Ben

    Love the choice of colour!!

  • Fredo

    Arne Quinze is rock ‘n roll!!

  • Mattia

    Kind of wished he had taken it a bit further on the exterior. Otherwise, it works really well with the facade, and the color is fabulous.

  • simon

    Strength through repitition…….I love a good bit of branding

  • Ian

    yeaaaaah… a bit Rubbish! A well supported opinion, right there..

    I think it looks very amazing, an unreal bricolage.

  • jessica

    Passed by this afternoon, it’s surprising.
    Brussels needs more quinzorange!

  • Heather

    I love how it appears to be pouring out of the window onto the street below. It beautifully captures the shape of materials flowing in mid-spill. The fact that it trails across the TOP of the room before exiting through the window creates the effect of a powerful impetus behind the movement. Bountifully gorgeous!