Shade by Front



Milan 08: Swedish designers Front exhibited their Shade project at Spazio Rossana Orlandi during the Milan furniture fair, which ends today.


The installation consisted of a room set containing white objects and furniture, which were decorated with black marks and hatching to enhance the sense of depth and shadow.


Front claim the objects are "like materialized illustrations".


Via Matteo Bandello 14/16, 20123 Milan




Update 29/04/08: here's a few more snapshots, provided by Spazio Rossana Orlandi:





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  • doh

    omg… I would not be able to live with that rug. It would bother the crap out of me… haha

    The table looks kind of cool, but I’m guessing it’s because it’s a far away pic.. :/ This series doesn’t really impress me too much.

  • Johanna

    ingenious as always with front

  • Will J

    Well done Front

    This has the quality and attention to detail of an 8 year old in a ‘decorate your own plate’ art class.
    What is next? The Front macaroni picture frame?

    Celebrity has become the most valuable commodity in design…..and this is very sad

  • Honggo

    these are the ‘ people’ calling art !

  • Mazza

    This is not design. It is an installation. The horse lamp as well as the pig table was cool. however when it comes to usable design I am still curious when/if it will really come from Front Design.

  • tiffany

    they can do better. seems the freshness of ideas is taken away by being in the spotlight

  • The overall concept for the range is good.

  • Roger

    looks like a poor take on Joohee Lee’s Sketch chair, which was exhibited 2 years ago at milan.

  • Come on roger, they’re totally 2 different concepts…

  • bla

    dont dig this. the rug’s ok .. but this concept seems a bit thin.. its almost the
    “uh oh… need something for milan space next week… lets hit these muji products with some marker!!”