Jaroslavska Square by OFIS Arhitekti



OFIS Arhitekti from Slovenia have designed a complex combining offices, homes, a hotel and retail and sporting facilities in Moscow, Russia.


Jarovlaska Square includes a football pitch on a roof.


Here's some more information from OFIS Arhitekti:


Business commercial complex Jaroslavska, Moscow

commission / 2007 / ongoing
Navigation: Jaroslavska avenue, Moscow, Russia


The initial task was to design 82.000 m2 for mixed use program ( office, hotel, residential and commercial ) + 20.000 m2 for sport complex (opened football field, covered gym with services) on 68.000 m2 area with the height regulation limit at 80m above ground.


The urban design was created of 1 twin business tower ( 30.800 m2 ) 2 apartment towers ( 12.850 & 14.250 m2), 1 hotel tower (16.450) and 2floor base on the ground floor with commercial program (7.450m2) + sport complex with football field on the roof-top.


Design team:
Rok Oman,
Spela Videcnik
Andrej Gregoric
Katja Aljaz
Robert Janez





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  • this is not architecture

  • Nick

    blah blah blah blah blah

  • ian

    Way to go OFIS, congratulations. Glad that you will soon become world player. I like tree-like skyscrapers

  • J

    I only see a premature skectch design.

  • S.Torsen

    I like the cubic composition of the blocks. One of the better projects I have seen in Moscow. I know the present site and Jaroslavska certainly needs refreshments like this.

  • S.P.V.

    Notice to J.
    Sidney opera house competition was mostly done in sketches. I hope architecture is not appreciated by render perfections and special effects.
    Good design, anyway

  • chr

    J: First check out their homepage before talking about premature design.. They have done quite good work.. http://www.ofis-a.si

  • Joaquin

    I think Hadid had brought kinda 3D-savvy trend with her. I like these architects, but feel that box-like forms like this project, physical models would do the trick. 3D makes it very rigid and boring. (look at the stacking floor plates in the buildings…you won’t see ’em like that) Imagine Ando’s works in 3D…would be quite cold huh?

  • S.P.V.

    thanks for the notice “chr”. I was quite surprised when I saw all the work…amazing. I knew “block apartments” but I did not know is from OFIS.
    Great work. So actually I like that presentation is quite modest and not fancy like some other we are use to…

  • Név*

    I prefer these kind of renders too, rather then the ones done by 3dsmax pro-s with fancy textures and shadows. These renders dont want to show us how it will look like in reality, they just show us the masses and some impressions of the design and we have to imagine the rest of them.

  • S.P.V.

    I agree totaly, Név*
    Nowaday many architects, also top ones hide questionable projects under fancy, colorful facades.
    ..the quality of this project by my opinion is shown with four simple elevations ( eighth image from the top). I hope visitors here can judge good architecture and not renders. Fancy renders are just for unknowledgeable clients.

  • Design Your Own Mind

    I don’t think this is a good project, it is not made for the human scale. If you try to imagine how the space works between the towers and the gymnasium it would be quite phobic for people to walk trough. Also the commercial centre in the small street abandoned in the evening sounds like a not so friendly space in the evening.
    No this project could be done a lot better.

  • XXXL

    I also agree with Név* comment. And I also like it. And probably it is just preliminary “sketch” design not commercial selling scheme.
    And the last comment guy maybe went to far with going in details; not to mention the phrase “human scale” ???
    Just checked OFIS site and I am totally surprised under quality and range of built works in total … congratulations to the OFIS guys anyway

  • janlist

    please forget the computer works, just drawings, not the real building!

  • lime

    Like the concept and clean aproach. This is architecture

  • Brendan

    Primitive as heck… Someone still plays wit cubes though.