Michael Young for Herdeiros Passanha



Industrial designer Michael Young has designed a new glass bottle for Portuguese olive oil brand Herdeiros Passanha.


The press release isn't ready yet but we have a bit of info from Young's office:


"Michael Young was commissioned by Base Design and Passanha oil to design this new glass bottle. The Passanha brand dates to 1749 and this bottle marks the re-launch of this historical olive oil company."

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  • JC

    Michael, you rule!

  • Zenza

    Sorry… but this isn’t good design. You can even look inside the portuguese market. There are A LOT of other oil brands that have much better bottles, like Gallo for instance.


  • Andrew S.

    Striking. Good form, and they let the natural colour take precedent.
    Well done!

  • Loretta

    SO cheerful!

  • Eric Bono


  • mariamagdalenalasanta

    well done! excellent! where can we order the oil. I will be in portugal soon.

  • tom

    Beautiful design. Very elegant.
    It will be part of the kitchen decoration.

    It is quite interesting that such an established company took the challenge of revamp the image. I know quite well the Portuguese market and i’ve been thinking how is the market going to approach this. The Portuguese society is changing bit by bit. And we can see that many other brands have been changing the aesthetics. Gallo and Oliveira da Serra (olive oil brands), SG Lights (now SG Azul) and many others.

    I congratulate Quinta de S. Vicente for it. I would say that Michael Young was a vey good choise, indeed. And i wish many more companies, specially traditional ones to follow the steps.
    It is time to change. Portugal has to modernise faster. It is a very much interesting country and it is important to show it outside even more.

    I will, definitely, buy one of each sizes as soon as i get there (hope soon for holidays).

  • Will MacCormac

    My favorite ‘font’. Great design but will it sell?

  • francis

    this guy is a f**king dude , enough said !

  • bla

    this is super nice!!!! photography is pretty amazing to!

    altho.. i think the cap spoils such a pure form… would have been nicer with a cork!

  • jose monteiro

    i agree with zenza, there are much better bottle designs for other companies… its very Tesco high street… i would think that for such an established and long running company a more elegant solution would have been produced.

  • This bottle is gorgeous, and M. Young is the man. Of course people will second guess it for the sake of it, but this is one of the most beautiful packaging solutions I’ve seen in awhile.

  • Brian

    Minha Nossa!
    EU prefiro Gallo tambem!

    Michael, SOme of your designs rock, some don’t. THis one is ssssoooooo eghhheahhh well, boring. Maybe it was the client!

    DUde, your tree coatstand really could have done with some more umm… refinement!


  • michael

    Hey Brian

    Dont normally bother with this but im bored at the airport .

    I live to rock but I dont always design to rock , the issue is to make designs that forefill the commercial criteria of a company. In not an artist , far from it.

    Infact as design heads into more bullshit i think I will find it more entertaining to bore people as a new concept ,but im not design for this website or you.

    The tree was a cooperation with artist, katrin olina , so it had the flavour another. Its there highest selling product . become an icon of sweden so i think that makes it good design .

    Any way whatever dude, its no big deal , im living the life !


  • tom


    i loved you reply.
    That’s the way.

    eli tom x

  • Architecture Nowadays…

    I didn’t love the reply but I did love the bottle. I am portuguese and I must say the bottle fits exactly in our market and in our absolute need to export the good stuff we produce. If you buy the bottle and if you have the courage to open it, gradually losing its wonderful color, you will taste an amazing olive oil. The only solution will be to have 2 bottles 1 for using the other for contemplating. Well done!

  • david

    from what i see outside the realms of serious production i can relate to michaels comment , the design is good but having met him a few years ago understand the comment and frustrations that exist for such designers ,who are expected to pull a rabbit out of a hat to make a living . design /art can do that for the wrong reasons . this is solid stuff, the job is great , the comment correct

  • JuiceMajor²

    If the bottle look this good…I wouldn’t mind displaying it on the kitchen counter!! Oh it would be such a waste to drop them out!

  • George Stuart

    Michael is definitely one of the industrial designers of our time. Also, for anyone who’s interested, I noticed that Base just launched a new blog, blog.thisisbase.com, that has more info on the project.

  • Maria F. Reis

    I think the bottle is beautiful. A friend of mine, that works in Quinta de São Vicente, offered me a bottle three months ago. Do you believe that I haven´t had the courage to open it? Its my first bottle and it was a present…
    But I know the olive oil is excellent! I have already taste it in her house!!!
    Michael Young… Congratulations. I love it.

  • these bottles are perfect