Competition: 100% bamboo T-shirts by Frost to be won



We've teamed up with Australian designers Frost to offer Dezeen readers the chance to win one of seven T-shirts made of bamboo fibre.


Designed by Vince Frost, the T-shirts are made in Thailand using ethically grown bamboo, which produces a soft, durable fabric without using vast amounts of chemicals.


We have one of each of seven different designs (shown here) to give away.


This competition has now closed.


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To enquire about buying Frost's 100% Bamboo T-shirts, email: or visit

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  • The real Mr. Funk

    Off-topic I know, but holy *shit* that girl is good-looking!

  • Dirty Mr. Spock

    ..topic? I just noticed the girl and hell you’re right Mr. Funk!!

  • sylvie

    um too bad that metallic inks are extremely toxic to the environment, thus canceling out any benefit from using tees made with bamboo fibres. oh and also… the designs are attractive.

  • Ivo

    É gira sim, e a T também.

  • Metallic BLING! . I like the black one.. Too bad about the Toxicity in the city!

  • pope poker

    girl is not so good in my eyez.

  • Louise

    cool t-shirts!

  • Bonzo

    That girl looks about twelve years old.

  • Tyler

    Yo Guys. She’s 13. Anyway, pretty good tees.

  • give me one of them there shirts!

  • Bonzo

    Are they children’s shirts then?

  • jed

    why you all going on about the girl? it’s the guy that’s got it going on. so dreamy…

  • F

    god you all sound like you have never seen a girl in your life – sad-
    and yes , she is probably 12 – grow up.

    t shirts ok though .

  • mkmk

    Those t=shirts look fab. Gimme gimme.

  • Grampy

    What are you all talking about! She is definitely 14!

  • Arch

    the comments sound like ‘let’s-have-a-break’ thing.

  • b+b

    That girl is very lovable

  • The real Mr. Funk

    Why is it OK for me to come to this website and describe some inanimate object as beautiful, but not a girl because she has small features? We have no idea if she’s 13, or just a tiny 26 year old with small boobs – she’s still beautiful to look at. That doesn’t mean I think it’s OK to have your way with children or anything of the sort.. Just that she’s very aesthetically pleasing.

    And she’s definitely that, I stand by my earlier comment agnabbit!

  • nobhead

    “We have one of each of seven different designs (shown here) to give away.”

    You have only shown 5 designs, and they are all crap* even if the use of metallic is intended to be ironic.

    (*crap: synonym for Australian chic.)

    Any chance of some info about the company in Thailand who make the T-shirts?

  • brian

    Who is the Thai company that make the bamboo t-shirts?

  • tom

    T-shirts are very nice.
    Graphics quite good.

    And the guy… very very very cute.

    I would like to have the first T-shirt.

  • no-comment

    Let’s hope this mysterious Thai company employ people older than the model in these pics, and are as environmentally friendly as the Bamboo they use… my dad rode a Kawasaki. So what!

  • Dezeen!

    WOnderful compititions!

    Here is one reserved and non ignorant comment.

    Design is to attract the intelligable people.

    write insitful things.


  • Chancho

    dude u are SO INTELLIGABLE

    how INSIGHTFULL to think of urself as non ignorant

    war on the self-righteous and obnoxious retards writing silly comments!!!

  • avi indonesia

    hi…very interesting t-shirt..i love it

  • I am loving the ones with the hands and arms on it. Might have to try and get myself one. Being eco friendly bamboo I am interested to see how comfortable they are.