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Milan 08: Bulthaup presented their new B2 kitchen in Milan last month.


The kitchen is based on a workshop layout comprising of three main elements: a 'workbench' housing the sink and cooker, 'tool cabinet' for utensils, crockery and food, and appliance cabinet for the oven, dishwasher and fridge.


Closing the cabinets hides away culinary equipment while opening them fully allows easy access during cooking.


Here's some more information from Bulthaup:


bulthaup b2 - the kitchen workshop

The premiere of the bulthaup innovation in Milan - bulthaup b2 completely rethinks the kitchen and cooking.

Starting from the philosophical origins of every living space - the fire and water points, bulthaup has created b2, an open and mobile kitchen that can be added to and composed to suit each individual's personal requirements. The new group of elements is the logical continuation of the kitchen workbench and defines the “kitchen workshop” in its original meaning – comprising a workbench, kitchen tool cabinet and appliance housing cabinet.


The workbench is for the fire and water point; the kitchen tool cabinet for crockery, cooking utensils, as well as spices and food; and the appliance housing cabinet for the oven, dishwasher and refrigerator. bulthaup b2 follows the principle of “clearing away anything superfluous.” All that remains is value – the best materials, the best tools, the best raw ingredients and the best crockery.


bulthaup b2 is a kitchen that either conceals everything or showcases it. Opening the in-door storage doors provides an overview of the entire kitchen domain. Everything needed for a two person household is visible at a glance and within reach. The smart compaction of the storage space makes pull-outs and drawers unnecessary.


The kitchen tool cabinet is the foil to the classic kitchen with drawers. Even the diversity of units is smartly minimalist - just a few basic types and materials, such as oak and walnut veneer combined with worktops made from stainless steel, oak, walnut and gray sandstone offer a limitless range of design variations. Once the doors are closed again, the beauty of the simple purpose-oriented form becomes clearly apparent.


“With bulthaup b2, we are radically rethinking the kitchen and cooking,” says Gerd Bulthaup. The workbench breaks with the convention of a clearly-defined continuous worktop. With its flexible structure, modules can be combined at will and, by putting new worktops, water points or appliance modules onto the b2 workbench, it adapts to its owner’s personal habits and customs. Consequently, bulthaup b2 delivers a new dimension of simplicity when it comes to buying kitchens. That's because the kitchen workshop can follow the needs of and spatial changes required by its owner.


Elements can be extended to suit if the circle of family and friends increases, for example. They can be added or replaced when new appliances come on the market, and changed if a different material is preferred for the worktop.

bulthaup b2: bulthaup and EOOS
bulthaup gets its visions from the consistent observation of the living and eating habits of people from all over the world. bulthaup b2 is responsive to modern lifestyles, such as single-person or twoperson households, or even "patchwork families", and is the perfect kitchen for nomads or pioneers in creating a home, living and thinking. . The design was developed in collaboration with the renowned design firm EOOS in Vienna. With their method of “poetical analysis”, the designers take a very special approach to the development of new products. Formative factors of image, ritual and received wisdom are brought together and synthesized. “The result of this cooperation is unconventional, convincing and independent: bulthaup b2 defines the entire kitchen as a changeable system, and is thereby synonymous with the “versatile kitchen of today and tomorrow,” says Gerd Bulthaup. bulthaup b2 will be on display at selected bulthaup partner shops across the world beginning in fall of 2008.

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  • jed

    beautifully engineered but sort of sad/pathetic in reality.

    where am i going to put my kettle/toaster/george forman grill (ok, not the last one) and, um, my food. good to know i’m only allowed to have as many wine glasses as there are wine-glasses-hooks.

    i think it’s beautiful but it’s dead dead dead. you have a lot of money? why don’t you live a little? spend it on having fun, not reducing your options to zero and hiding everything away so your left with some sort of beautiful refined void where you should have the lively, vibrant heart of a home.

  • The program is innovative, the design is charming. But the application seems to require lots of free space to clear the door openings. It probably fits better into a loft or a good size kitchen. I would need to examine how it works further to determine if it is a wonderful design or not.

  • Mattia

    I love it. My new favorite kitchen system. Wow.

  • Sandra

    Otl Aicher wouldn’t be happy … All things covered behind big doors. How do you want to cook in this kitchen?

  • Ben

    I don’t like the “workbench” … it looks to busy and not “less is more” enough to me … cool cabinets though

  • lewe

    Jed you are right.

  • The concept is very nice and the explanation panels in the show were even more interesting than the kitchen system itself. I took a very louzy picture, so if anyone cought that image please post it somewhere.

  • Elim

    A luxurious range reduced to a pathetic existence, almost too prescriptive and monastic. Jed is totally right, I think the design tries too hard to be different but ends up less functional than a conventional kitchen.

    Do I have to bend down to get my glasses? Why?

  • kal s.

    i like it but then i hate it… if you are the type of person/family that doesn’t dine at home then thats a perfect kitchen but like most families you dine at home.. when i’m searching for a home I want an open kitchen where you get the aroma of what you are going to be eating soon.. this looks like a science lab… its not personal at all it looks almost commercial.

  • Anyone knows the wotkshop price and the measures?

  • Tirzah

    I would use the cabinets as storage for Passover serveware, utensils, etc. Bulthaup could market them as modern kosher butler’s pantries.

  • Mike

    I would be interested to know if any of you have actually seen this range or touched it with your own eyes. It it certainly different, and for those who perhaps think a little differently. It is definitely not for a big family.
    The craftsmanship is stunning. The idea timeless.
    I have seen this and I am blown away by it. At the same time I am not buying it. simply because I have a family and our needs in a kitchen are bigger than this allows for. However with that in mind, there is room for your food, your toaster, food processor, kettle, etc. Also when you are “using” the kitchen you leave the doors open and then everything is within reach and you can smell what is coming out of the oven.
    I say bravo!

  • A.Mac

    Like all bulthaup creations, this will be imitated, diluted and become commonplace. The ultimate flattery for bulthaup, a true innovator.

  • Alex

    I think some ppl here don’t understand bulthaup.

    They provide systems, i.e., you can choose how many wine glass hooks you get, where to put them and, and, and … their systems are very flexible. By the way: The furniture appears to have hidden powerplugs and water connections. Just look at the espresso machine in the cupboard.

    Unfortunately they come at the according price too.

  • I like the ideas here , however I have my doubts how flexible will it be to move around with the stuff when you cook under time constrains.