The Fantasy collection by Jaime Hayón



Milan 08: Here are some more photographs of the Fantasy collection by Jaime Hayón for Spanish porcelain brand Lladró, launched at Spazio Rossana Orlandi in Milan last month.


The collection includes references to both Lladró's herritage and Hayón's previous work; one of the characters (see top image) appears to be wearing the shoes Hayón designed for Camper.

See our previous story for more on Hayón's exhibition at Spazio Rossana Orlandi.

The following information is from Lladró:


The Fantasy Collection

The creations in The Fantasy collection which Jaime Hayon has designed for Lladro mirror the perfect fusion between the artistic quality of the Spanish porcelain brand and the playful, fantasy quality the designer brings to his works.


The balance between expression and function, the studied combination of Lladro usual themes and the magic of the unexpected that Hayon is known for, make these pieces truly original objects that, over and above their decorative potential, awaken a sense of fantasy in the beholder.


The Fantasy combines Lladró’s usual themes with the magic of the unexpected Hayón is known for. The obvious references to love, the family, childhood or the magic of the circus are coupled with the expressiveness of the decoration, further enhanced with the use of the reds, blues and turquoises created especially for the collection.


Elements like the shoes, the original octagonal bases and even the candles for the candleholders, have been decorated specifically in the same colors. And it is this perfect balance between expression and function that makes these pieces from The Fantasy such highly prized objects which, over and above their decorative potential, awaken the fantasy of lovers of our brand. An interesting aside: the character in the series The Lover is wearing the shoes Hayón designed for Camper, which was one of the reasons why the two brands planned a joint event.


The Fantasy is, in short, a “positive cross-pollination” of Hayón’s world with Lladró, as the designer put it himself. One can speak of a “perfect fusion” between the brand’s porcelains and Hayon’s touches of fantasy. In fact, he has even introduced elements from his past repertoire, like the cactus or the Green Chicken. In this recreation of his own works, Hayón demonstrates his admiration for the infinite potential of Lladró porcelains.

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  • Tyler


  • FBot

    OK maybe too much Hayon lately!!

  • Mattia

    Hayon is totally in his element. Great stuff.

  • unpopular

    …everyone just goes crazy about this kind of stuff, but its just an 80’s nightmare with frills, extra bells and whistles. Venturi in 3D. awful.

  • Joaquin

    This is the age where people are longing for individualities and identities, cuz most of ’em no longer have one in today’s rushing flow. Design that provides identity and please the people are regarded as a great one. No one is talking about ugliness and ideal beauty anymore.

    Everyone’s looking up to the supermen. Those who dare to do and give ’em courage to live on. Those are today’s great designers.

  • Joaquin

    Adding something…I found Hayon’s work very Miro-esque. Check Juan Miro’s paintings. Perhaps they share a Spanish bond. Thus we can conclude his works as truly contemporary Spanish, no?

  • Jogg

    Why is this/he “genius”? Really would like to know… and somebody has to write “Where can I buy?”…

  • cp

    sorry but i find these pretty tacky

  • Andrew S.

    I just won a copy of his book. I hope it’s not filled with these… they’d give me nightmares!

  • greg

    He finds inspiration in everything, theres no stopping him…

    Great quality but sickly

  • bald skull

    yeah, this stuff looks tacky and like some big inside joke. another dust collector for a shelf?


    where is the candle melting? It destroys the design?

  • ror

    its just for dutch people iGuess

  • John

    I see nothing here. Why is this published anyway?…

  • I will never understand things like this…but it looks expensive, unique and happy…. BINGO Mr Hayon!

  • joyio

    is published because this work is amazing … bravo !

  • gggggs

    Hayon’s designs are completely superfluous and ridiculously expensive, I really believe we don’t need more stuff like this