Konstantin Grcic & Studio Job on Gestalten.tv



Dezeen promotion: video interviews with industrial designer Konstantin Grcic (above) and Dutch design duo Studio Job are the latest in our highlighted series of podcast interviews with leading designers by Gestalten.


The Konstantin Grcic interview, recorded at the Triennale Design Museum in Milan last month, features the launch of his cantilevered Myto chair for the Italian furniture brand Plank (see our earlier story). Grcic (above) talks about designing Myto and his approach to design. View the Konstantin Grcic movie »


Landen (above), a seating element for outdoor spaces was also presented in Vitra's collection of limited edition pieces at the Triennale last month.


The second featured interview is with Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel of Studio Job (above).


The Dutch designers talk about two projects they presented in Milan last month: the Farm collection (above), which plays homage to their Dutch homeland including stable tools found in farms such as milk pitchers, pails, spades, forks, cooking pots and frying pans cast in bronze; and their giant Globe for Swarovski Crystal Palace.


Globe is a 175cm diameter spinning globe with 500,00 crystals. View the Studio Job movie »

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See Gestalten's interview with Jaime Hayon in our earlier story.


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  • yar rassadin

    It is a good idea to make Internet TV interviews with good designers, but unfortunately we have only a few videos in web )

  • zuy

    except Starck , you must find Urquiola on Maison et objets paris fair’s site and there Grcic…
    You have also Vodeo for some french designers ( I mn free …)

  • zuy
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    dont seem to work ?

    It loads up then ….nothing

  • zuy

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