Aesop store by Studioilse



Ilse Crawford of Studioilse has designed the first London outlet of Australian skincare brand Aesop.


The store, in Mayfair, features a restored Victorian interior with modern and antique interventions.


Here's some info from Studioilse:


“We do not subscribe to claims of anti-ageing, promises of youth and distorted ideals of beauty but offer plant-derived ingredients that
contribute to the positive treatment and maintenance of skin and hair.” - Dennis Paphitis, founder


The first London shop is located in a Victorian Grade II listed mansion block on Mount street in Mayfair.


Studioilse's design of the shop translates the Aesop values through a loving restoration of the historic fabric with modern and clean interventions; original parquet floors left raw with patination, fireplaces reinstated, tall ceilings exposed.


But at its heart sits one grand gesture, a large ceramic circular basin to emphasize the ritual of cleansing. A celebration time, place and quiet beauty.


Consultation service that includes detailed product usage explanations on skin and wellbeing products for men and women.


Design and creative direction: studioilse.

Opened May 08

91 Mount street, Mayfair, W1K 2SU

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  • John

    The ‘green’ walls remind me of old drafting board vinyl. For architects this color itself promotes a very tactile quality that compliments the ‘historic’ quality well.

    great space.

  • K. Rimane


  • edward

    Nice renovation job, with the little bottles up to the ceiling proclaiming the apothecary connotations of the shop.

  • this is so perfect for their line- the aesthetic is just right! they make the best products.

  • kalle

    beautiful work!

  • ben

    pretentious rubbish!

  • Yes! I’m nearly out of a few Aesop potions, I wish this was around the corner.

  • tolle einrichtung und toller stil! gute mischung von modernem charme und nostalgie! bin begeistert und werde so schnell wie möglich den nächsten flieger nach london nehmen ;-)

  • copycat ltd

    another splendid Aesop’s store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Really nice. Perfect choice of materials and surfaces. Everything fits.

    Greetz to Hausfreund from Berlin

  • Olivia

    Gosh how I love spiral staircases…. so much!

  • Anna and Al

    Fantastic, what’s the architects number?!

  • nice work. I`d like to buy something there

  • destin

    What color is that wall?

    does any one have the paint code etc?


  • Ilse Crawford is the best. She always knows how to wrap up the existing, the new and clients’ wishes. Beautiful project.

  • amy pasco

    ilse crawford's work is nothing short of breathtaking inspirational and always spot on .
    beautiful project.

  • Rhodric

    Love that color, does anyone know what it is called?