Kuro by 1980/Takuya Hosokai + Hiromasa Mori



Kuro is a house in Fukui city, Japan, by architect Takuya Hosokai and Hiromasa Mori.


The wooden building was completed last year.


"Kuro" is Japanese for "black".


Update: see Shiro, a hair salon by the same architects, in our new story.


Here are some facts from the architects:


design: 1980 / Takuya Hosokai + Hiromasa Mori
Place: Fukui city, Fukui prefecture, Japan
program: residential house
Built: July, 2007


structure: Wood building
site area: 457.31 sqm
building area: 139.13 sqm
total floor area:161.79 sqm





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  • thomas

    designed in 1980…completed in 2007?

  • esklabuak

    plans plans plans, i need plans plans plans… [all together]

    it seems that dezeen hates plans.

  • edward

    A brilliant composition…can I call it a residence?…where the exterior composition is as central as the interior, perhaps the generator. But yes, plans, by all means plans.

  • Marcelo

    japanese architecture always looks so beautiful and empty, but who live in this place s? for me the japanese architecture are lost in your zen cliche…

  • J

    I love curtains and lightbulbs. I would like to see it with furniture in it.

  • rodger

    beautiful exterior shot. exquisite.
    how such a sensibility can lead to such appallingly claustrophobic interior spaces, i have no idea.
    the interiors represent japanese design at its worst.

  • Fling

    could have done with one more curtain for the wallmounted aircon unit in photo 8

  • Michael


    Not only does there always seem to be a lack of drawings, there is a lack of people. This is my biggest gripe with objectified design. We see a chair, and nothing else. A lamp and nothing else. An empty space and nothing else. When will we start seeing spaces WITH people. How am I supposed to grasp scale and other human factors if I only get white walls and an object. I would LOVE to see actual human beings placed in these settings or using the objects shown on this website. Perhaps it is not dezeen’s fault, but the fault of the designer to never want to show plans, people or drawings because they “clutter” the object.

  • edward

    I suspect the Kuro residence is a weekend home. One for soothing the jangled nerves of say, a floor trader at the Tokyo bourse. The last private owner of the Farnsworth house, a man of considerable means who owned several homes worldwide, said he stayed in the Farnsworth because it imparted a felling of serenity which helped to recharge his batteries after hectic business activity.
    So what’s wrong with a little Zen in a such dramatic surroundings.

  • It’s a house for kids to play.
    There’s this theatrical feeling, with all these curtains and light bulbs and these little stages; it is comical in a certain way. I also see it as a warm, delicate house, due to the ubiquity of its spaces and the different light intensities throughout the day. The excessive indoor whiteness is reliefed by the variation of floor patterns and materials – clever.
    I really don’t believe there’s anything Zen about this place. No one says Alvaro Siza’s white finishings is Zen – or Niemeyers. If the architects were Bolivian no one would say that.
    It’s a place full of possibilities, full of imagination. Really surprising.

  • janlist

    why no plans? image me?

  • gaque

    This is quite unique! Never seen anything like this. The atmosphere of the curtains is especially nice. I would love to live here.

    Who needs plans? You get the feeling of the house quite nicely with these photographs.

  • escape

    Plans don’t lie.

    (great builing btw)

  • leandro locsin

    VERY GOOD play of curtain opacity.

  • 9ham

    i like there light

  • strange,surreal….but i like it

  • Gabs

    People, furniture, trip souvenirs, pets???

  • himmelsrichtungen

    wow! an interesting new era in the concept of curtains.. i would love to see more of that work!
    I love the way japanese architecture is so crisp and has a sharp edge to it’s perfection.

  • yu

    beautiful place) mad japanese architecture

  • Kuro = Black is most important couler for Japanese.